Super Mario Run and Nintendo Switch Shown Off on the Tonight Show!

Hey all!

So the Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Run were both shown off in detail this week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and man was it great!

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, creator of Mario and Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Director of Product Marketing (and Miyamoto’s long-time translator), Bill Trinen, were all in attendance.

The segment began with an enthusiastic Reggie showing an ecstatic Jimmy, Super Mario run for iOS. Jimmy played the game for the first time, and did rather well! This was our first full glimpse of a level played on it, and it looks surprisingly great to me! The level design and music are pure New Super Mario Bros. quality, and I am excited to finally get my hands on it soon!

After that, Reggie announced that he had “One More Thing” left to show.

To everyone’s surprise, Reggie took away the “?” block, and voila – there was the Nintendo Switch!

I was nearly as excited as Jimmy was when he saw what it was, and it was amazing to see it live, aside from its staged reveal video. Indeed, the Switch is looking good, and it is even thinner than I thought! Fils-Aime showed Fallon how it looked and played in docked mode, and then proceeded to show him it in handheld mode! It switched quickly, made an interesting snapping sound, and it was ready to go!

Many sites have picked up some interesting news from this video, as the video provided a more in-depth view of the console not seen in the reveal trailer. One such is Nintendo Everything.

In regards to graphical detail, Breath of the Wild looked amazing! I cannot express how excited I am. It looks really great on the Switch. The graphics look much more clear than on the Wii U, and look very next-gen! I was very impressed with the clarity, as well as how the explosions look! I reckon it is running at true 1080p while docked. It even looked great while undocked, and appeared to run more smoothly than the Wii U version. I’ve decided I’m getting the Switch version now!

Additionally, it will look even better when we see direct footage, because the screen in the video is slightly washed out (you can see how the red of the Switch logo is much less than the Switch logo we’re used to seeing). It may also be that the color correction is focused on the persons (Jimmy and Reggie), rather than the screen. Either way, it already looks phenomenal, and will look even better when we see it on our own screens!

Here’s a short graphical comparison:

Overall, this has been a good week for Nintendo. After this announcement, and after fans got the ability to play Super Mario Run at Apple Stores, Nintendo’s shares have jumped 3.7%, rising to the levels of Pokemon GO, and that to me says that this is going to be a very successful game, and that the Switch looks very promising, as well!

Check out the full video of Nintendo’s reveal below!



I am now deeply looking forward to what Nintendo has in store for us at their January 12 event!

See you soon,

-Noah Sanchez, Gamer Splash


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