30 Switch Specs Before the Reveal – Dev Interview Part 6

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Before the Switch Presentation tomorrow, we have one final interview from our developer source in our developer interview series!

For those wondering about the authenticity of our source, in short, our source is an longtime independent developer who has released games on Nintendo systems since WiiWare, who is currently developing/porting smaller-scale games for release on Switch. As such, they have a devkit, and know many details on Nintendo’s hardware, development knowledge, and some info not known to the public, even after a system’s reveal. For a longer introduction on our source, read part 1 of the series.


Even if true at one point, information, decisions, and announcements at fast-moving companies like Nintendo may change at a moment’s notice, and sometimes a third party developer may have outdated information, as that info may change last-minute or not be announced immediately.

With that said, credibility is very important to us. For those doubting our source’s authenticity, you only have one day to find out, but we trust our source and put our credibility on the line with it.

On To The Details!

This interview goes over what we can expect from the Switch presentation, some interesting features and technical talk about Switch, clears up misconceptions, as well as what to look forward to in Nintendo’s future.

30 Key Points From Our Discussion:

-When docked, the Switch dock has an opening for the top of the screen. Why? The Switch may use the top of the screen to display notifications and the time while in docked mode.

-Switch may eventually support Wii Remotes and Wii Remote accessories, such as nunchuks, Classic Controllers, arcade sticks, etc. (currently supported in devkits only)

-Switch VC will include Wii and 3DS games, besides GameCube games. This will allow the Switch to finally fulfill Nintendo’s vision of being one system you can play all legacy Nintendo games on.

-With Wii U games halting development 2 years ago, all projects have moved over to Switch, so Switch will have a massive library of content from Nintendo. The dev assumes Nintendo has nearly 40 projects in the works to come out over the next few years. Thus, they believe Nintendo could do fine during Year 1 even without third party support. Third party support will be there, though.

-Third party support will be more console exclusives like the Wii had, rather than ports/cross-platform titles, though these will be there as well.

-Expects Watch Dogs as launch title, interested in if Ubisoft can make Mario/Rabbids work well, but interested in seeing it.

-Joy-Cons can be used as Wii Remotes. Dev refers to them as the “Wii Remote 3.0” with 2.0 being the Wii Remote Plus.

-Switch tablet may have sensor bar built-in like Wii U GamePad did, for Wii Remotes/Joy-Cons.

-Multiple Joy-Cons can be used at a time for multiplayer (4-5 players with additional Joy-Cons). “So Switch can sell itself to more people at same time while 3DS was focused on 1 player – especially showing off the 3D capabilities.”

-Switch will have local Download Play like 3DS did.

-To get around the SD card storage limitation, Nintendo could produce a SSD cartridge that would fit in the Game Card slot. Though this is unlikely, because Nintendo would likely intend you to use it for Game Cards only.

-Cartridges are much better than discs because of faster data access, allowing games to be played faster without being installed, and running at a faster rate than standard HDDs. Additionally, devs have a choice to use a larger writable portion on a disk if they need it. Dev’s comment:

Just yesterday, I again was just proud of Wii U being the only one system left where you can just insert the disc and start to play the game, when you are forced to download and install things on all other platforms and PC.

True. I think cartridges are so revolutionary. Discs are the past now. Cartridges read faster than discs too, so you have faster data times and no need to install, right?

AND you could directly write on a card… or even install a patch directly on a card… IF Nintendo would want to go that path… things that are not possible with discs.

Yeah, that’s true. Concerning Nintendo’s history, they probably will not allow direct writing on the cartridges to save costs. So it may be read-only, with a small chip for save data.

On Nintendo DS and 3DS, the developer always had the choice of which card they want to use. Also which amount of readable and writable memory they want to have! You know, games like Animal Crossing love to save tons of info… all the letters and all the image designs and sentences and places and every list ^^

I thought they were all read only, with just the save data chip.

Yeah, it’s always the big part that is not writable and a small part (but as much as necessary) which is writable.

-Switch accessories will offer endless possibilities to developers and players. One accessory is a camera.

-Dev doesn’t think 4-player splitscreen would work well on Switch portable mode, regardless of Nintendo’s patent.

-Dev doesn’t think VR is possible for the Switch tablet, as it would be too heavy for the head and the screen resolution is too low (at 720p or even 1080p). Hopeful that Nintendo comes up with a solution though, and doesn’t doubt that other devs are trying it regardless.

-Switch games can run at full graphical fidelity in portable mode – it is up to the developer. Running at full power will decrease battery life, though, so that is why developers should make optimizations for portable mode. But Nintendo gives developers the option to use the full power of the Switch in either mode.

-Latest Switch dev documentation is still in Japanese. Coding is in English, but support documents, and code comments are all written in Japanese. By the time the English version releases, it is 3 months old, so he must work with the Japanese version for the most up to date code. Wii and 3DS were same way before they released originally. But Nintendo’s developer support staff are very helpful.

-In the dev’s opinion, it is okay to make graphical compromises for portable mode to increase battery life, such as resolution, Level of Detail, draw distance, even framerate, because the screen is so much smaller in portable mode that the average person will not notice it once playing or without direct comparison.

-Regarding the Unreal Engine 4 Switch settings leak, it is real. The settings for portable mode will save an hour of battery life in most cases.

-Developer states that you cannot compare Switch spec numbers like MHz to other devices, even other Tegra chips, because it is like comparing apples to oranges. The Switch chips are brand new technology, thus have new features and efficiency not seen in current gen game consoles, giving it an edge in that regard. Thus, a Nintendo console with lower specs will perform better than its specs indicate (like Apple’s iPhone compared to Android). In developing its consoles, Nintendo always starts with base chips from other companies (CPU, GPU), but then heavily modifies and customizes them for its console’s purposes. This is what Nvidia’s CEO meant when he said the console is “very Nintendo.” It is more about the features the chips have than the clock speeds, and Nintendo packs much more features in their chips that even gaming PC’s do not have. The developer’s Switch devkit is capable of processing some data and effects many times faster than his own PC and GPU can, because it is made for that kind of efficient processing. He compares the situation to how a 3DS has low specs, but offers performance far above what can be expected from just the numbers themselves, thanks to special features and optimizations the chips have. For example, 3DS is capable of compressing textures and memory many times faster than his own development PC. If devs know how to properly utilize the hardware, they can do amazing things with it. In this regard, it can be as powerful as or more powerful than an Xbox One with proper optimization – But even if not, devs have many ways to work around any raw power limitations.

-Regarding game ports, however, dev acknowledges that unlike other developers’ statements, Switch is not that easy to port to. But not because of power. This is because Nintendo Switch is a totally new kind of hardware with a lot of new features, and the Switch (home to portable) part takes a lot of dev time and research to get working properly. Developer’s comment:

It is like the motion controls for Wii… Nintendo wanted them used in the games… but this task was too heavy for most devs. It’s the same for Switch – but even more so. So while it’s not an issue to get PS4 Pro games on a Switch, even the major companies need to take some money to develop it for Switch because it is a unique thing with unique features and services.

Developers most times just lie for marketing purposes… They think they need to say specific things that people want to hear from them… so they get some likes. Nintendo Switch is, as I said not that easy… It’s an awesome system but development is not so easy. It is horrible even with Unreal or Unity to make a REALTIME CHANGE of quality settings, resolution and even more… That’s a huge part everyone needs to implement… All textures resampling and so much more… You can’t imagine how much work it is to get these changes to run in realtime. And I’m SURE there will be LOTS of problems… like trees that are there in console mode, then disappear in mobile mode because they are far away – but never returned when switching back to console mode. Because the system thinks why should more things be loaded to memory when switching back. Nintendo gave devs the option to hold the dock’s graphic power while in mobile mode to make it easier for devs or if some problems occur with the switching… BUT THIS EATS THE BATTERY sooo quickly… I guess 3rd party Switch games will eat much more battery and be more buggy during the first year.

-Some games will be designed only for mobile mode. As in a game that requires touching with multiple fingers or precise drawing would only be possible in portable mode, so it will only be able to be played in portable mode. Likewise, if a dev’s game requires the whole power of the Switch, they can make the game home console only. Don’t expect these types of games for launch though, since Nintendo is focusing on games that can be played in both scenarios.

-Switch devs can choose to render in 4K or use 4K assets. Doesn’t know if this means you can play in 4K, though. This was an option for developers on Wii U, as well, but Nintendo just didn’t make the output option available in the system menu for consumers. Doesn’t know if Switch will allow the 4K setting for consumers, but the setting is there for developers.

-HDR effect in games is attainable without HDR on TV’s, and has been for years. Uses this tech.

-Switch owners can play Virtual Console games for free as part of a subscription to Nintendo Network (not sure if free or paid). Nintendo is in discussions about letting players get VC games or ports for free or a discounted price, if they already own them.

-Virtual Console will offer simultaneous multiplayer for the first time on a portable Nintendo console.

-Switch dock doesn’t add additional power, just allows Switch to run at full power in TV mode. But Switch may be able to be upgraded later with more powerful docks (the supplemental computing device), and that way could eventually even beat Xbox Scorpio. Dev also said it’s a possibility that we can get more powerful tablets later too, as with the New 3DS. Games would likely be cross-compatible, but it gives players more options.

-Switch feels smaller and better than a Wii U GamePad, but is bigger than a 3DS XL.

I guess press people will be surprised by how small Nintendo Switch feels. While it IS bigger than the 3DS XL, it just feels very portable and small… feels lot smaller than a GamePad but with same screen size…. It just feels new ^^ something new to experience. And it has that ‘I AM A TRANSFORMER ROBOT’ feel because you know that you can detach Joy-Cons and so on XD

-Dev hopes the Switch will not have region lock, but does not know for sure. Dev kits are not region locked. 3DS was region-locked last minute, because of pressure from Ubisoft and EA. The reason is because by region locking, they could sell games for higher prices in Europe, whereas otherwise people would import games for cheaper than buying the regional version new. Only reason Xbox One and PS4 didn’t region lock is because the console manufacturers forced it. Nintendo is in a better position to follow suit now.

-The Switch system shown on Jimmy Fallon may have been a press kit (same as the Wii U or 3DS units you see at expos), rather than a final regional version. So this may be why the CE logo was on it, but it may not appear on the final product, meaning the logo is not yet a confirmation that Switch is region-free, until we see an actual retail/consumer unit.

-Internally at Nintendo, Switch is referred to as the “4DS” because it is the 3DS successor. Though this contradicts Nintendo’s outward marketing, the company sees it this way internally. It is more of an evolution of 3DS than Wii U, as 3DS was more successful and had more third party support. Dev’s comment:

Switch… you need to start to think about it as a handheld, a successor to 3DS… Everyone will buy the 3DS successor, because 3DS is the greatest handheld of all time… And there are sooo many devs for it ^^

And once you feel how great that is as a handheld… you can start to add the thought of console games in your head… and see what it adds ^^

I guess the moment when you realize what Switch really is… is when you play the game on TV, and then take it in your hands and move outside of the apartment… THEN it starts to click in your head and you start to feel what Switch really means ^^ Guess that is what the press will experience at the event too

So the Switch is the 3DS replacement? Interesting. The way they’re marketing it, they want it to replace Wii U though, since 3DS is still selling strongly. But regardless, we probably won’t see other new hardware this year. At least not before Switch launches. I think E3 at earliest.

Hm… that’s one problem I saw from the beginning (years ago) – That people see NX (Switch) as Wii U/Console replacement. It’s why I always try to tell people that it is a handheld device… but let’s just wait until if/when they show us something like a Switch Mini and a Switch Pro version.

-Switch is only the beginning of the NX platform. There will be more hardware to come, such as a “Switch Mini” and “Switch Pro”. Presumably, Switch Mini will be a portable-only Switch (possibly the oval shaped one we saw before.) The Switch Mini may be more akin to how the 2DS is compared to the 3DS, with the Joy-Cons integrated into the tablet. The Switch Pro would be a more powerful 4K home-only Switch. Switch XL is also possible, and would be like 3DS XL to 3DS. The larger screen size would allow for more players on one splitscreen, as seen in Nintendo’s recent patent. The new hardware will likely not be revealed until E3 2017 or 2018, however, but will all likely be released by the end of 2018. New hardware may have a different name than Switch, but will all have the same platform.

-The NX developer platform also allows for more options besides “Portable” and “Console”. We speculate that this means there are other settings specified for the other NX hardware not revealed yet. This could also mean the new hardware having different form factors or levels of power.

-Switch is a rebirth for Nintendo in some ways, but in other ways, keeps some of Nintendo’s technology they’ve developed over the past 15 years (since GameCube).

Dev’s comment:

So Switch is like a rebirth for Nintendo. So that could be 2 versions for Switch, besides the tablet we know.

I heard that ‘rebirth’ thing from another guy too. And maybe Nintendo wants to market it that way… but from what I see with all the services, they don’t kill their past. Now is just the time for the technology to move to the next step… as they always do. And in Switch there is technology that Nintendo developed and advanced within the last 15 years or more… so I don’t see it as a restart/rebirth/reset – just evolutionary. And just look: THIS IS THE END OF THE DISC ERA.

And Nintendo, with portables… made and was loyal/true to it from the beginning ^^

(GameBoy… Nintendo DS… Switch)

Final words from our source follow:

What can we look forward to with the Switch Presentation? Will we be surprised by any of the features?

I just heard that Nintendo will not show everything. Some features and services might be announced at E3 then… so devs still aren’t allowed to show everything ^^

What are you most excited for?

I’m excited for all the games of course! And how many and which features they will show this time… so I know what to talk about myself as a developer. I see a huge number of 3rd party games – exclusive titles for 2018, tons of games. So maybe we will see some of those.

I’m hoping to see some good games! I’m very interested in the 3D Mario one in particular. And it looks like Zelda will launch in March for sure.

That together with other big titles would be the reason why Nintendo moved the release from Xmas to March’17 … I for one see Switch as a HUGE SUCCESS. Not sure about the masses, the global audience… but for gamers it will be a GREAT new piece of fun!

So let’s see what Nintendo wants to show us on Thursday/Friday ^^

I’m excited!!

Me too 😃

So there you have it, folks!

Will our source’s interviews be proven correct at the Switch Presentation? We hope so! In the meantime, we’re just gearing up for the surprises now.

Till next time!

Miyamoto Confirms Star Fox and Pikmin Will Continue

Hey all!

Despite confirming that we will see a new Mario and Animal Crossing game on Switch, after Star Fox Zero not being widely well-received, the future of Star Fox has been up in the air. But reassuringly, Miyamoto has reaffirmed his interest in reviving Star Fox and Pikmin in the future.

This past week, Mario and Star Fox creator Shigeru Miyamoto sat down to do a long-form interview with tech mogul Katie Linendoll at Apple’s SoHo store in New York. The interview had many great highlights (including a question I asked!), which you can read about here, and listen to here.

But one other interesting tidbit from the interview was the fact that he talked about Star Fox. When asked if there was any character he wanted to develop or felt very passionate about that didn’t make it, Miyamoto replied:

Yeah, I always wanted Fox McCloud to be a bit more popular than he is. [Crowd:  “awww…”] But I think one more would be Pikmin. So I think these two, I’ll need to put some more energy into.

So contrary to recent reports that the future of Star Fox is “up in the air”, this all but confirms that Miyamoto wants to make more games for these franchises. We already know there are new Pikmin games coming, but Star Fox was uncertain, so it is reassuring to hear Miyamoto state that he wants to try again with Star Fox.

As it appears Nintendo is currently developing other franchises first for Switch, and given that Star Fox Zero just released this year, we likely won’t see a new Star Fox next year. But expecting a new Star Fox for Switch 2-3 years in would not be out of the realm of possibility.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you happy that Miyamoto wants to give Star Fox another chance and try harder with it? Let us know in the comments.

-Noah Sanchez, Gamer Splash

Everything We Know About the Nintendo Switch

Hey all!

Now that Nintendo has revealed that the Nintendo NX is the Switch, we can finally round up all the information we know about the system, before its big reveal presentation on January 12, 2017.

Check out the reveal trailer below:


The Hardware

Facts Confirmed by Nintendo:

Release date:

The Switch will release in March 2017 (exact date to be announced in January).

System type:

The Nintendo Switch will be a home console that can be taken on the go. It is a tablet with detachable “Joy-Con” controllers that can be placed into a dock to power it and plug into a TV, or used on its own. The Switch has two modes – docked mode, for playing on a TV, and portable mode, for playing on the tablet’s screen on the go.

It will offer a single-screen experience.


Gaming springs into action by removing detachable Joy-Con controllers from either side of Nintendo Switch. One player can use a Joy-Con controller in each hand; two players can each take one; or multiple Joy-Con can be employed by numerous people for a variety of gameplay options. They can easily click back into place or be slipped into a Joy-Con Grip accessory, mirroring a more traditional controller. Or, if preferred, the gamer can select an optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to use instead of the Joy-Con controllers. Furthermore, it is possible for numerous people to bring their Nintendo Switch systems together to enjoy local multiplayer face-to-face competition.


Nintendo proprietary OS. Not based on Android. Made in cooperation with Nvidia and DeNA.

Connects to and integrated with My Nintendo.

Specifications and price:

We know the Switch will be using Nvidia Tegra architecture, based on the high-end GeForce cards, with a custom design.

The Switch tablet will have a “bright high-definition display”.

The dock will have at least two USB 3.0 ports and one HDMI port.

The Switch has yet to be officially spec’d, but will be next year.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima stated that the Switch will not be sold at a loss, and will not be more expensive than the current offerings.


The Switch will have physical cartridges, as seen in the reveal trailer.

The Switch will not support physical Wii U or 3DS media.


The Switch will also support amiibo, as seen in the reveal trailer. Nintendo has filed patents involving NFC too, giving some insight into how it could work.

The Switch will also support accessories and add-on hardware.

Facts Hinted at by Nintendo:

Other Features:

Regarding VR, Tatsumi Kimishima has stated that VR could come to the Switch where possible.

Also, Kimishima hinted that the Switch could have many accessories, with the Switch tablet acting as the base for everything else.

Also, the system will appeal not only to moms and their kids, but experienced gamers, as well. This can be seen in the reveal trailer.

Facts from Notable 3rd Party Developers and Publishers:

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has said the Switch is an incredible device, and that people would be amazed by it. He also stated that Nintendo tends to stick with an architecture for a long time, so their partnership could last two decades.

He also states that the Switch has a ground-breaking design, and the type of gameplay they want to enable is like nothing the world has so far.

According to Ubisoft, the Switch will “recapture a lot of the lapsed Wii players“, who are now predominantly on smart devices. Satoru Iwata has said that the Switch will still be a system that will be able to play games in ways smartphones and tablets cannot, thus making an argument for dedicated games systems.

More recently, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot stated the Switch could redefine gaming once again.

Many developers familiar with the Switch, such as CD Projekt Red and others, have said the Switch will be easier to develop for, and they are excited for it.

Hardware and OS rumors:


May be Linux-based

Easy to port to; supports Android and Unreal Engine 4 software

Will work with smartphones, PCs, and other rival consoles

More apps

Will be Region Free



The tablet will use USB-C for charging and connection.

It may have battery life up to 3 hours.

The Switch will not support HDMI out directly from the tablet.

The tablet may have 32GB of storage

The tablet will support 128GB SD cards.

According to Emily Rogers, the screen is currently 720p, 6.2 inches, and features multitouch.

Laura Kate Dale from Let’s Play Video Games agrees.


The Nintendo Switch Dock may increase the power of the system.

This has been reported by our source, by Letsplayvideogames, and others.

The dock will not support external hard drives.


The Switch Pro Controller will not feature a headphone jack. Our source tells us this will greatly increase its battery life, as it did on the Wii U’s Pro Controller.

The controllers could have a new form of haptic feedback, which was never integrated in Nintendo portables before.

The Joy-Cons could act as new, improved, Wii remotes, with much better vibration and haptic feedback (similar to HTC Vive), adjustable depending on the game, and not just one vibration intensity, as the Wii remote was. The system would support both these controllers and the Wii remotes for some games.

The Joy-Cons could have an IR sensor built-in.


It will have 4GB of RAM.

It will support Android apps

It Will Support VR

The Switch will be close to Xbox One in power

The Switch will be more powerful than the PS4 and closer to the PS4 Neo

Will use Vulkan API

Will have industry-leading chips

Will Support Unreal Engine 4


Why Nintendo NX Will Support Unreal Engine and ARM Architecture

The Switch will not have x86 architecture

IHS providing screen

Macronix developing game cards

Other features or new innovations:

Download Play, StreetPass, Wii Remote, and IR Sensor support

NFC Download Cards

Very strong networking functions; cross-platform synchronization

4K 60fps streaming

Innovative achievements system

Ability to upgrade and share console power with Supplemental Computing Devices

Stream games and save data through SCD

Improved AR and multiplayer features

Supports OSVR

Dynamic AR

Enhanced video camera features

Game streaming through handheld

Full Bluetooth capability

3D for 2D TV’s

More 3D for 2D TV’s

Hologram technology

The Games

First Party Support:

As always, Nintendo will support the Switch with a stable of Nintendo games throughout its life cycle. This time, since the software will be unified across all Switch devices, you can expect to see a strong launch lineup, more 1st party games than ever before, and no game droughts.

The 1st party software output will also be increased by utilizing Nintendo’s new software strategy, as well as smart device and game integration.

Third Party Support:

After the lackluster 3rd party support the Wii U received, Nintendo is striving to make the system attractive to third parties.

Big Third Party Publishers on Switch:

100% Confirmed:


505 Games
Activision Publishing
Arc System Works
Maximum Games
Nippon Ichi Software
Parity Bit
Bandai Namco
RAD Game Tools
Silicon Studio Corporation
CRI Middleware
Spike Chunsoft
Square Enix
Electronic Arts
Starbreeze Studios
Epic Games
Take-Two Interactive Software
Firelight Technologies
Telltale Games
THQ Nordic
Tokyo RPG Factory
TT Games
Grasshopper Manufacture
Gungho Online Entertainment
Hamster Corporation
Unity Technologies
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Inti Creates
Web Technology Corp
Koei Tecmo
Konami Digital Entertainment


Nintendo’s Software Partners

Unofficially confirmed:

CD Projekt Red

In Consideration:

Ready at Dawn

All Switch Games

Officially Announced:

First Party-

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Summer 2017)

New 3D Super Mario (Launch day)

Splatoon (Launch day or first 3 months)

Mario Kart 8 (First 3 months or launch day)

New Shin’en Projects (Possibly Including F-Zero)

Third Party-

Just Dance 2017 (Ubisoft)

Sonic Project 2017 (working title) (Sega)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Definitive Edition (Launch day)


Big EA Games

Ubisoft Games

Capcom Games

PUZZLEBOX setup (Bplus Games)

Bit Boy!! (tentative title) (Bplus Games)

Tank it! (Bplus Games)

Unofficially Announced:

Third Party-

Dragon Quest X (Square Enix)

Dragon Quest XI (Square Enix)

Hinted At/In Consideration:

First Party-

Pikmin 4 (First year)

Metroid Prime 4

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door HD

Third Party-

Bayonetta 2 (Platinum Games)

Bayonetta 3 (Platinum Games)

The Wonderful 101 (Platinum Games)

Capcom Multiplatform Games

Dragon Quest Builders (Square Enix)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Square Enix)

Final Fantasy XV (Square Enix)

Shadow of the Eternals (Quantum Entanglement Entertainment)

Terraria (505 Games)

The Order OR Deformers (Ready at Dawn)

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (FDG Games)

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Lizardcube)

Indivisible (Lab Zero Games)

World to the West (Rain Games)


RIVE (Two Tribes)

Project Elea (Kyodai)


First Party-

Animal Crossing Switch (launch title) (Gamer Splash verified source)

Miitomo Switch (Full Version, similar to Tomodachi Life) (Gamer Splash verified source)

New IP

Super Smash Bros. 4 Port (first 6 months)

Pokemon (Game Freak) (launch window)

Super Mario Sunshine HD

Super Mario Galaxy 3

Super Mario Maker Deluxe

Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Next Level Games)

Mario Sports Superstars

More Mario Sports Games

Koei Tecmo games (Hyrule Warriors?)

Kid Icarus (reboot) (Retro Studios)

Super Mario Maker

F-Zero EX

Third Party-

Beyond Good and Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers (working title) (Ubisoft)

Ubisoft VR Games (Star Trek VR, Rive, etc.)

Call of Duty: Bloodlines (Activision)

Skylanders (Activision)

Spider Man: The First Avenger (Platinum Games; Activision)

Beyond Destiny + Destiny: Complete Edition (Bungie; Activision)

Final Fantasy VII Remake (Square Enix)

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Square Enix)

Battlefield 1 (Electronic Arts)

FIFA 2017 and other EA Sports titles

Mass Effect Trilogy (Electronic Arts)

Resident Evil VII (Capcom)

Kingdom Hearts 3 (Square Enix)

Injustice 2 (Warner Bros.)


The Switch will certainly be an interesting system. Never before has there been so much hype for any console in recent history, and it is testament to the excitement and hype that Nintendo is building around its latest console.

Until its reveal in January, this is likely the best list of information you will find on the Switch.

We will continue to update this article with any new information as it breaks.

Stay tuned to Gamer Splash on our social media!

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-Noah Sanchez, Gamer Splash

Nintendo Switch Will Feature Download Play and Other Features – Developer Interview Part 5

Hey all!

We’re back with some fresh new details on the Nintendo Switch before its full unveiling in January!

Our source gives us some interesting details, including that the Switch will feature local download play, as well as saying the dock will increase its power in an interesting way.

it’s just a teaser… lot of things not shown… but a nice video 🙂

enjoy it ^^

Wow!!! It’s really awesome!!

Wow they showed more than I expected!

I really like the concept!

It looks really fun haha

yes ^^ guess it is the E3 2016 Trailer… not the final one ^^ can’t wait for the Nintendo Direct ^^

Mm I see!

I heard they delayed it from September because the Mario game wasn’t running perfectly haha

So now it was ready

For the video

hahaha XD no i knew that footage … it was taken in early 2016 … that’s why there are no energy or other stats ^^ as said I guess it was the E3 trailer… before the user shitstorm forced Nintendo not to present it there ._.

Haha oh okay

You would think with all this time they would update the footage though?

Nevertheless, I’m excited for all the games!



Bethesda on NX!

it is the same like with first Wii or WiiU trailers… finally it will be different … a bit ^^

there also wasn’t anything real filmed footage…. only post processed videos for the games… that shows that it is not that actual ^^

Yeah! I think they did a really good job!

And oh okay

Like rendered in engine?

ahm yes… it is well made but nothing filmed from a screen… but it is usual to do it that way in such trailers and teasers ^^ to add it in post production later ^^

Right, yeah I can imagine that

It looks like they’re releasing more info next week

But I’m surprised Nvidia is powering it!

I’m happy it’d a custom design!

Nintendo ALWAYS has custom chips… also if they use a chip of a specific generation or series… their version always has double power XD no idea how Nintendo always made that ^^

Haha yeah that’s a good point

You were right haha

Some people are worried that cuz Nintendo didn’t show touchscreen gameplay in the trailer, that the Switch won’t have a touchscreen?

But it’s going to support smartphone games, so it must have touch, right?

Also Nintendo didn’t show off the gyro or stuff like that either. It doesn’t mean Switch doesn’t support it. Just that they didn’t focus on it

Nintendo didn’t show off ANYTHING… no games… it just should show… play HOME games at other places – and – Multiplayer

it was the E3 trailer with footage of early 2016 … I heared next week some more news will come or even a Nintendo direct 😊

then they will show more.

They didn’t reveal real information now ^^

Okay 🙂

I just got worried because an indie dev said there was no touch screen. But I think she is just speculating based on the video

all video footage was post processing … so nothing was real there.. .it just was an early teaser trailer ^^

Alright cool haha.

That’s the quote I saw

aha… as you said… they just didn’t show anything in any direction… there is lot more to come… and we all will see with the games 😊 they just didn’t show any games ^^

sadly I am not allowed to speak on anything not shown in the video… so you can ask me things from the video… but nothing more yet XD

but… I have never seen a device with a big flat screen which is NOT touchable… did you? XD

Okay haha. No I have not. I think it would be silly not to have one xD

I am excited to see Splatoon on there though!

And Mario

I hope these will be Switch games and not just demos for the video

I bet… we will see ALL Nintendo franchises that exist just within 1.5 years from launch of Switch ^^

They had the pre-WiiU time AND the whole WiiU life time for developing their games 😊 don’t forget that… it isn’t like a normal launch where a system needs to start at Zero.
Just look at me… I’m a tiny 1-man dev … and even I have 3 titles just for the LaunchWindow/first 6 months.
I am so WOWED how positive people think about Switch… I guess Nintendo is also wowed right now! best possible start! 😊 so I’m totally not worried about game support now ^^

Yeah! I’m excited! 😀

Less negative reactions and more positive ones!

Than I expected!

On the Switch Reveal Video

We find out that the footage in the reveal trailer is not the real footage from the video filming.

thought the footage in the video was from Switch

But apparently it’s not

And recently I heard Switch visual quality would be above PS4

Or processing power


The chips are soooo different.. you just can’t say what is how strong… but saying that a handheld thingy has more power than a PS4 would be a technical failure, thinking of HOW HUGE a PS4 console needs to be ^^ … Or else Sony could do it by themselves or easily release a PS4 micro.

Gamer Splash:

Right, that’s true. And it will need to balance power with battery life.

But I’m sure it’s better than Wii U though haha


of course ^^ … which is something that changes once the Switch is back in its dock 😉 but we will get more info about that later ^^’

Haha that’s cool. I’ve also heard the dock adds some power


We saw Mario Kart 9 and Zelda… so it seems to have more power than a Wii U somehow.

Gamer Splash:

Yeah true. Zelda is looking good

And Mario Kart with two items and King Boo? Haha

Splatoon looks amazing. I am so excited to play it on the go!


And together with friends at school or somewhere ^^

And I cannot show SWITCH gameplay right now… because you know… it would be strange if then I remove the Joy Cons and it automatically changes to Multiplayer Splitscreen mode… or something… I guess that just might confuse people… same as the download play for Splatoon and NBA we saw at the trailer…

Gamer Splash:

Right, that’s true. You would have to do it carefully.

And hm I didn’t know the Splatoon was download play. I thought it would be multiple copies of the game?

and people are just so confused right now because gameplay scenes were added via post processing… like usual XD

Haha yeah


hm… I can talk about things shown in the video… as a dev I see that people will not have 2 NBA Versions of the game… they stand their Switch systems close together – for me it is download play ^^

but there you see… one wrong word and even you are confused XD

Oh wow okay. Interesting. Closer than 3DS?

I would imagine it would be hard if it had to be right next to each other

haha what? no WiFi works for good distances as you know… but it is transfering bit faster the closer you are …and for the video they just showed that Switch brings people together ^^

Oh okay. Because 3DS used a close range wireless that’s why

For local multiplayer

I’m so amazed how silly people can be…. like SWITCH is only that what Nintendo showed in that TEASER video XD … so… no virtual console will be there? no home menu? no internet surfing? no camera? no touching? no anything? and people just do not need to load the batteries… because it just wasn’t shown in the video? XD oh man…

Played Street Fighter on 3DS with a distance of 60 meters … that’s more my smartphone can get WiFi distance… so I’m not really sure what close-range should mean according to 3DS ^^’ also for Street Pass… if you are at the same train wagon you will meet the persons… no need to hug someone or so XD hehe

Lol. Yeah haha. I imagine Nintendo has a lot more in store for us.

Okay. I was just worried the wireless for download play on Switch will be less range

But if it uses wifi then it should be great, haha

WiFi is WiFi… I guess as long as you’re in the same room… Multiplayer works well… like always on 3DS ^^ WiFi didn’t change that much I guess ^^’

but to be honest I haven’t had a change to test out any WiFi Multiplayer yet XD

Okay, cool. Ah I see haha

When they play the switch joycons detached… Is it a Bluetooth connection?

Do the joycons have their own battery? I don’t see how they connect so well for multiplayer haha

It looks very seamless though

The transition between different modes

“I don’t see how they connect so well for multiplayer haha” what does that mean? ^^’ no battery in joy cons… they run with love and magic XD XD XD … of course they have a battery and more… no cheap thingies ^^’

Lol. I was sure they had a battery. Some people online say otherwise xD

what do they think technology works? ^^’

Lol. I assume the switch tablet charges them then

It looks cool. I remember the Morphus X300 device. You needed to plug a USB into each detachable part.

To charge it

and I guess it is some kind of bluetooth as always… Nintendo uses the same kind of technology since Wii …. WiiU … balance board and WiiRemotes all work the same… dev kits accept Wii Remotes too… not sure about final Switch

Okay. And the IR sensor on the right joycon. It looks like a Wii remote controller right?

Or to control the smartphone games

As you see… that Doggy-Style Controller is just a huge battery… loading the small JoyCons… as well as the tablet does. I guess they are not made for being used for a long time without their puppy battery or tablet ^^’

Haha I see. That makes the most sense that way

no idea why they thinking it is something IR and then say it is a WiiRemote pointer…. Wii Remote has a HD-cam which shots 300 frames per seconds to film the sensor bar (and all those lights on an xmas tree… looks awesome in WiiMenu WiiRemote config screen XD ) so what shall that have to do with a IR?And Nintendo moved away from using that pointer technology as we all know since Zelda Skyward Sword where they started to use Gyro and Accelerometer … maybe not that fast and accurate but people do not need any sensor bar … did you see IR-diods on the SwitchTablet like you have on the Wii U GamePad to use Wii Remotes? …


From the video

Ah I did see that! It looks like a sensor bar to use for wiimotes

if there is an IR port somewhere… (there isn’t one on a joy con on a dev kit) it is for your WiiFit and Pokémon wearables I would guess

You can see SensorBar lights in Wiimode on WiiU Gamepad when looking through your smartphone cam … you can also see the real sensor bar lights with it ^^ and as said in the WiiMenu WiiRemote config screen.

Oh okay. So it looks like it would be better to use a Wii remote and nunchuk instead of two joycons to play a Wii game on Switch.

People said the joycons could be used as a Wii note and nunchuk lol

ahm didn’t you understand? ^^’ NO SENSOR BAR SWITCH – NO WII REMOTE POINTER

and I tried to explain it as simple as possible ^^’

Nintendo moved away from WiiRemote pointer with Zelda Skyward Sword… please do remember

Oh alright. Sorry didn’t understand the first time

I thought you suggested the tablet had an ir sensor bar built in like the GamePad though

Pointing in Skyward Sword works using Gyro and Acc … through tilting position… guess it needs less battery power

I don’t have a final tablet… and I suggest on the video it also isn’t the final Switch thingy … ^^’ it is an older one… without the Switch branding anywhere ^^’

Right, yeah.

no idea if there are heavy changes… but I think the final one is slightly different to the one in the teaser trailer – but maybe it will be the same (but with SWITCH branding somewhere) – I do not know.

Okay. We saw it say switch on the dock, thoufh


Also I found out the video was filmed in September

At least the Splatoon part

yep… without any gameplay possible on it … why? … because old units do not play actual games? no idea but I guess…

Yeah it was an actor from the video who talked about it. They said they did not play the games on it and it was a green screen

And filmed in Vancouver

from what I heared… the production of final units just needs to start… or might have started within these days… so no final units were ready for filming ^^’ and the gameplay was old… knew some of it from early 2016 ^^’

Yes I also saw that actor video was exciting ^^🙂


Why would they not use recent gameplay for the video in October though?

It sounds odd that they used old footage

because Teaser footage was made for E3 2016 … which was in May? ^^’ no idea about their decisions and why nintendo makes what…

Oh I see, makes sense. Yeah E3 was in early June

I guess .. if they would not have cancelled the E3 reveal… they would have filmed everything in March or April instead of September ^^’

Yeah. Maybe they changed their video strategy but kept the same footage

but no Nintendo Switch Logo anywhere… on 3DS it is big on the back side… but nowhere on Switch? … can’t beleive that those unit should be the final ones ^^’

like no apple or LG or SAMSUMG logo on smartphones? XD nah…

I didn’t see it either

So the footage was not from Switch? The games looked brand new though, better than Wii U.

I’m sure it looks better in 2017 though haha

I’m sure it was captured from Switch of course… WiiU cannot handle that XD

Haha true xD

I would say Zelda did not look much better than Wii U though

Unless they just used Wii U footage for that game

it is just normal that footage will be included in post production in videos… makes it easier to cut the right scenes together… problem is… that no one can touch a button on screen when the screen is black in real XD would also be lot of cutting work to cut the fingers apart the inserted video material I guess XD

Yeah. Most trailers add footage in post production

ahm… as the WiiU trailer did… also the Switch Teaser Video is not that accurate when it comes to some things… … … I for one do not think that you just can take any game out of the dock while within the game and so… but that shouldn’t be the topic now…. it just is an advertisement to show the thought of the concept ^^ funny in the video is that the screen shows animated footage for 1 more second while the Switch Tablet wasn’t in the dock anymore….. in the Zelda sequence… later in the Mario sequence it was syncrhonised XD

footage in post production is also the best because filming a lcd screen is horrible in real ^^’ so if you want a perfect picture… you need to insert it later ^^’

Ah, I see. Haha yeah, I have done video production and I know filming a screen doesn’t look very good xD

Why the NX Reveal Has Taken So Long and More – Developer Interview Part 4

Read Part 5 Here

Hey all!

As we finally approach the Nintendo NX’s long-awaited reveal this month, we are proud to share the final part of our developer interview series focused on the NX. This is perhaps the most telling interview we’ve published yet, and it rounds up the final info we have from our source, an indie Nintendo dev with an NX dev kit (more on his background in part 1 of the series) before the big reveal.

We confirm and deny rumors, discuss what the NX will be, talk about Nintendo’s development cycle, and why Nintendo has taken so long to reveal the NX.

We also talk about the little-known Nintendo Kinect and talk more about Nintendo’s tech, and speculate on Mario games the NX will have.


Our Final Stab at the Rumor Mill

First off, I ask my source about the “Nintendo Duo” name rumor.

I thought it would seem likely, since there was a recent developer conference, which my source confirmed in our last article.


Yep, I saw it ^^

I guess every ‘leak’ with pixellated or removed stuff is a fake.

I for one would think “Nintendo Duo” would be a nice name.
But like someone said… “If it is true, then they missed out on calling it:  “Nintenduo”.

Gamer Splash:

I like the name too. But it is kinda hard to say. NintenDo Duo.

So it appears that this name is not the real name.

NX = Nintendo Cross?


NX would be Nintendo 10 then? Or does it just stand for Nintendo Cross? I would think Nintendo Cross. That makes the most sense.

Like…. cross-platform 😉

Gamer Splash:

Of course. Yeah.


Um… You never thought about that aspect? Then… Um…Oops? ^^

So it looks like our source is stating that like previous rumors, the NX will be a cross-platform system.

What Does Cross-Platform Mean?

I inquire if this could mean cross platform, as in Nintendo games being on PlayStation.

Hm, cross platform. I hope that doesn’t mean like Nintendo games on PS4. But NX games working on Wii U and vice versa makes some sense to me.


Hiroshi Yamauchi and Satoru Iwata would rotate in their graves XD

Super Mario Sonyshine.

Gamer Splash:

I don’t see Wii U doing it, though, because they’re stopping manufacturing for the Wii U.


I know, we all prefer playing Animal Crossing on PC with HTC Vive ^^

Wii U is sooo 2012… Why are you even talking bout it? Man… Nobody even knows [for sure] if the next Zelda will be on it ^^

Gamer Splash:

So all I can see is it being multiple devices. But all NX platform.


What? You mean like… a home console… and a handheld? What a weird idea? Why should Nintendo ever do something like that? XD

Gamer Splash:

That’s what they’ve always done.

It’s obvious our source is being sarcastic here. He is hinting at something.


Whoa… that is what we call… making hype.


And Miyamoto said several times that they are currently working on an OS that works on any system no matter if handheld or console… so developers can create one game very easily ported to both.

But hey, it is the internet…. if it is over 6 months old… people forget about it ^^

I read a few interviews with him saying that… but because it was silly dev blah blah, nobody noticed it as important.

There are also a few technical announcements where Nintendo said that they wanted to use it…. but people just forgot about it.

This is interesting to me. We have heard Iwata talk about this at length during the 2013 and 2014 investor’s meetings. But initially, I don’t recall Miyamoto stating this.

Gamer Splash:

Publicly? Not just for the developer community?


No, I never read all the dev logs and dev forums within the Nintendo community… Sometimes it is funny because devs can also be sooo stupid haha, but for the most part it’s just boooring XD

Sure enough, I went and checked, and here’s what I found:

Miyamoto Ponders Nintendo Making Games That Run On Handheld And Console

Miyamoto clearly states here, in agreement with Iwata, that they would like to make a platform where you can play the same games on both platforms; handheld and console. He also said he would think about cross-buy.

It appears more likely than ever that the NX will adopt this strategy, and become like iOS or Android. The same software will work across all form factors, and when you buy it for one, you buy it for all. It’s based on your account (Iwata also stated this. Read part 1 of our interview for this.)

Developers First

My source went on:

I found it interesting that the Nintendo of Europe guy just said, that it could be that NX will not be available for every developer that early… because they would not be able to handle all the support things with unfinished dev tools and so on…. in my experience it takes about 1.5 years AFTER release before the tools and everything are working properly ^^ So maybe the majority of devs will be closed out for some time…

Maybe he also said that because most just want to get a Nintendo dev license just to read all the technical things…. Need to say that some info goes into details – and some are just lies (or very outdated?) XD

No idea why ^^

I ask him how games can be finished and released within the first year, if the dev tools aren’t finished until 1.5 years into the console’s life cycle.

He tells me:

Okay, I need to explain: A system and dev tools and libraries are created and will get updated ALL THE TIME… Guidelines are changing like crazy every few weeks within the first about 1.5 years when a new system arrives ^^

For example, on Wii we tried to follow every update… we finally had to stop after we used to implement the HOME Menu and eManual about 4 different ways within a few months XD

And first, the eManual had to be implemented in the rom… then it had to be a different file… then it was just something online…. and the HOME Menu… first implemented in-game… then implemented as an external library within the game… then excluded from the game by accessing it through the system XD

The same fun with 3DS haha.

Also… most dev tools and so are in Japanese… because translation needs a few months and software changes are too tight in the timeline…

For release titles… Nintendo often helps a lot! And on final check [of the game], they oversee many bugs… many of their own guidelines just to have the titles out in time ^^

I comment on how that must be hard to work with and that they seem to change things frequently.

It appears Nintendo will step in if needed to help get a developer’s games out on time.

He goes on:

On 3DS it was funny too for me….

Me: “I want to include AntiAliasing… and 3D… and use the Nintendo own tools [NintendoWare]”

They: “Um AntiAliasing… heard of that… but it was excluded with the last version and is no longer supported … but one of the support guys just presented how it was made with the old library and he says it is still there but with no more documentation.”

Woo-hoo…. so it ended up with ME and one SUPPORT GUY trying together to program AntiAliasing using the NintendoWare’s current version XD

It was hard work – but finally we succeeded ^^

Nintendo check… step in…. there are thousands of guidelines… and the testers (and there are different testers for different things) often just TEST…without thinking or understanding WHY that guideline is there…. for example… with every check in US and Europe and the updates again, I had huge discussions about stereoscopic 3D… there are strict guidelines from Nintendo and with [my 3DS game] I sh*t on them because I wanted a more immersive experience on 3DS… using my own research I had with stereoscopic 3D training and a doctor and so on. Finally they had to step in… discussing it with experts… and I had to subscribe that I have full responsibility for eventual complaints regarding 3D effects.

It ended up that people totally loved the 3D and 3D options ^^

Did I mention that game development is hard work? ^^

The NX Reveal – Why Have We Waited So Long?

Finally, regarding the NX reveal, I ask him:

Regarding the new platform, what do you think is making Nintendo take so long to reveal the NX? Do you think it’s just not ready to show yet? Or just a marketing strategy to show it later?

I would think a marketing strategy, but it doesn’t seem wise to reveal it so close to the system’s launch in March.

Interestingly, he says the reason is it just wasn’t ready to reveal yet:

Nintendo would have shown the NX if they were ready…. currently they are in a hurry with localizing all the titles to show… all the system specific things…

Everything needs to be named and there are a lot of titles that have to be finished… You need to know that Nintendo is now finishing games to be able to release them next year… and once a game is nearly finished, they can capture material and set it up for every country and every language…

NX is a new generation… not like PS4 Pro and Xbox One Scorpio…

And a new generation means LOT OF WORK … and they worked on NX games for so many years… (because many of them had been planned to be Wii U games) so there’s a holy sh*t amount of work to do now.

 Gamer Splash:

Ah, I see. That makes a lot of sense. But does it worry you that it is less than 6 months before launch without an announcement yet?


I do not worry…

I just remember Reggie saying: “We are NOT working on a new Game Boy”

1 month later: “This is the new Game Boy Advance SP – it will be released next month!” XD

I think… it is better to show some finished games… and a perfect system… instead of just rushing things… especially when it is better to let people try out all things.

Our source elaborates:

It is all cutting edge so the hardware is just finished RIGHT NOW… so Nintendo will prepare everything to let people touch it to understand it 🙂

Like I always try to tell people: Touching is good! (the old Slogan for Nintendo DS)

While people just want a PS4 Pro from Nintendo… Nintendo is doing what they always do… Innovating…bringing new ideas… new feelings… new ways about how to bring games to people and how to earn money with games ^^

Very excited about it and it just takes time ^^

On the announcement not taking place yet:

Um… I do not see NX as not announced yet… they announced it already… they just didn’t show anything finished ^^

That’s a good point. But he gets my reasoning.

People just want to be upset… I do not feel that way… today people just love to be upset about something… make a great hype… or destroy a developer or two… like No Man’s Sky … and I see it like people destroyed the NX in all the forums … with that anti-Nintendo hype, Nintendo just had to move away from the E3 2016 reveal as it was planned and told to devs.

I tell him people are just getting worried because Nintendo hasn’t shown anything yet. But I understand if it’s not ready yet.

He says:

They had to think about the best way to communicate the system as something great… and I guess it is just better to release [sooner] it so all people can touch it [and experience it themselves].

Indeed, this is similar rhetoric that Miyamoto himself used for the Wii U.

In an interview with TIME in 2013, Miyamoto states:

First and foremost, I think, with Nintendo products what’s often most important is that people touch and play and interact with our products — once they do, they begin to truly understand what makes them great. I think the same can be said of Wii U.

So What Is The NX Again?

I speculate that this means the concept for NX may not be as simple as the Wii was either. And it may need to be experienced to be fully understood.

However, Nintendo has made it clear that it will avoid the Wii U’s downfalls by having a better communication strategy for the system, coming out with games more steadily, and also by being very “in sync with the times”. We’re also hearing from our source, as well as others, that the NX will have cutting-edge hardware, something the Wii U lacked.

And in a separate interview with TIME, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima stated:

As far as NX goes, I’ve said it’s different and obviously a new experience. If you look back to the beginning of our conversation today, we talked about the transition from Wii hardware to the Wii U hardware and how difficult it is to explain to the consumer base what is different and new about the new hardware. It’s difficult to convince them to switch from their current platform to the next platform.”

I can assure you we’re not building the next version of Wii or Wii U. It’s something unique and different. It’s something where we have to move away from those platforms in order to make it something that will appeal to our consumer base.

So it appears that while the NX may be similar to Wii U in some ways, it will definitely not be the next version of it.

Later on, our source says he sees it as the evolution of the Wii U, but if so, it must be more of having second-screen functionality, though a departure from the GamePad’s concept.

We then remind him of the system’s release date.

And NX is confirmed to be releasing in March.


Yes… one thing you don’t understand is… WHAT IS NX … people are ONLY SPEAKING ABOUT ‘NX’ … the next gen system Nintendo will release…. but just forgetting that Nintendo might have MORE.

Handheld, Console, Hybrid?

Gamer Splash:

Well a lot of us speculate it will be more than one system. Like a handheld and home console. So that could be the “more.”

Or maybe even more form factors. Like a smartphone type screen.

I like the idea of one platform for multiple devices. Like Android or iOS.


So let’s take that thought and think… what if… a handheld will come sooner than NX? Or thinking that the handheld will come in March and a console will come in Autumn?

Gamer Splash:

I doubt it. Because it would kill the holiday 3DS sales. Right?

And Nintendo is planning to keep the 3DS running with new games through 2017.

People speculate the home console would be first. Because the Wii U has to be replaced. And 3DS is still doing fine.


Um no… Nintendo DS games have successfully been released without a problem after the Nintendo 3DS was there ^^

I tell him, that’s a good point. Nintendo would want to support the 3DS with more games after the NX releases, as they’ve always done that. The 3DS was backward compatible, though. And the NX may not be.

I remind him of the Wii U’s sinking ship, though, and how the Wii U would be the one in need of more immediate replacement with a home console, not a new portable, replacing the 3DS.

Our source says:

Um yes… Wii U has to be replaced through a home console. That is limited thinking XD

Hmm… Is he saying the NX is not a traditional “home” console, then?


I see… if they moved Animal Crossing to next year then something might come this Holiday. But maybe… it is just a lie… or they just talked about Android versions ^^ … but we will all see… within the next weeks ^^

I guess October is the last month to announce some surprises for Xmas… isn’t it?

Gamer Splash:

Yeah. I would think so. I find it hard to see how a handheld could replace the Wii U. But if it’s better, then by all means.


Xmas for 3DS … I wonder why Super Mario Maker 3DS is not there…… 😉

Because you are thinking of removing something..replacing something ^^ because you always have NX as a home system in mind ^^

Gamer Splash:

There is the Eurogamer hybrid idea. But that is only one device. But that’s very plausible to me.

Our source then throws us another bone here.


What if… a new handheld… could take the role as a Wii U GamePad too? … 2-player modes with GamePad and new handheld on a traditional Wii U?

So… there are a lot of possibilities… don’t forget that Nintendo always connects everything of their hardware together ^^

Remember… they wanted to release the dongle for 3DS to be able to use it as GamePad… but refused it because of the low resolution of the 3DS screen 😉

Our source’s statements here strongly suggest that the NX will have a streaming dongle for the handheld, as previously rumored before.

It also looks like he is suggesting that the handheld will be able to take the role the GamePad did on Wii U, but now it will be a fully portable, or possibly supplemental experience. He goes as far as to say that not only would it work on NX as on Wii U, but that it would be compatible with the Wii U, as well.

 Gamer Splash:

Right, right that’s true! I feel like with NX they will reach full connectivity.


Another thought… what if a new handheld… would not connect to Wii U BUT to the Wii U GamePad instead?

We know that the Nintendo 3DS renders a game twice for 3D … so 1 image could also easily be rendered and sent to a TV or Wii U GamePad… from a handheld… without any stationary console ^^

Here, he says that not only could a new handheld be compatible with a Wii U system, but a Wii U GamePad, as well.

It seems feasible, if Nintendo was willing to implement it. Iwata said that the NX would adopt the architecture of Wii U, and the GamePad makes a great screen to play full games on, so it’s very feasible that the NX handheld could work with the GamePad in the same way. My objection would only be if Nintendo chooses to support the Wii U any longer. But it’s surely possible.

Our source continues:

I feel… that people are just not ready to think more in an evolutionary way of Wii U … because everyone just wants a PS4-Nintendo system… people are just mind-caged today…

And THAT’s the real challenge for Nintendo, I think… to break those barriers ._.

Gamer Splash:

I agree. I’m all for Nintendo continuing that. I just hope they can sell the idea to consumers and developers.

But with development being easier, better communication/marketing, as well as more games for it, maybe they can do it this time.

The Wii U Was Hard To Develop For?! And NX Is Easier? WRONG. It’s All About The Sales.


I think people – non-developers – are totally understanding it wrong; what it means when someone says ‘it is easier to develop for’ XD What should that mean… 

What does it mean for you? When someone says ‘it is easier to develop for NX’ I could not make any sense to players right now… but everyone says ‘Yeah that’s cool, finally it’s easier’ LOL Why do people say that?

I need to say: Wii U was the console with the EASIEST POSSIBLE way to compile a code for it 😊

You remember… some indie games are out there made in HTML5 or Javascript!!!! ^^ NX cannot do that ^^

So from that standpoint, Wii U was much easier to develop for ^^

Just sayin… from dev side ^^

Gamer Splash:

Hm, I see. But it did not sell well. And major studios didn’t want to develop for it

I guess just because the install base wasn’t big enough, then.

So maybe it is just a marketing issue and Nintendo not providing enough first party games for Wii U that caused sales to be low.


Um yes…Wii U problems… beginning with the name XD

Gamer Splash:

Haha, true. So developers saying it is complicated to develop for or the Wii U isn’t powerful enough like the PS4. They’re lying? Like Activision or the makers of Project Cars.


Who said that it is complicated to develop for Wii U? ^^

I need to say… all the ‘it is sooo much easier to develop for NX’ quotes are just fakes, you know ^^ …

No dev I know ever said or thought that til yet.


Yes, if someone said that, it just was not to say “low sales numbers”.

Gamer Splash:

Haha, I can imagine. I’ve seen many developers who didn’t bring games to Wii U say that in interviews. Or that it wasn’t technically possible to bring the games to Wii U with good results. Like Project Cars.


…While other 1 man/woman developers releasing HTML/Javascript games for Wii U with ease while never having developed a game before, hehe. But Activision finds it too complicated, xD.

Gamer Splash:

But they still make Skylanders games for it.


There, you see it is all just about sales numbers.

Gamer Splash:

Right. I would agree with that. Activision were excited about the Wii U’s GamePad features in the beginning. But then stopped after Ghosts came out. I think it was more about the sales than the performance.

Same with Ubisoft. Although Ubisoft is still bringing casual games like Let’s Dance 2017 to Wii and Wii U and NX, as well.

Hope For The NX

Finally, I tell my source that I hope NX is shown soon and shakes things up for the industry.

His reply:

Yes 😊

But I’m very unsure how they want to present it all so people can understand… Hm and for the business thing… I for one would wait just before the release ^^’

Others will steal/copy some ideas… of course… so Nintendo should wait with it so they don’t do it before Nintendo has the chance to prove it.

This resonates with a reason Miyamoto gave for not showing the NX at E3:


Normally we would’ve shown the NX at E3, but we didn’t. We’re worried about imitators if we release info too early.

I follow up:

How is it possible to steal or copy the ideas so quickly? Miyamoto did say this a few months ago.

But it took Sony a few years to copy the Wii with the PlayStation Move. And the same with Microsoft with the Kinect.


It is because NX is a concept… an idea… not only something hardware… Nintendo wants to try to save the videogame industry… they also might lose some money at first. But we will see…

The Nintendo Kinect

Yes, it took a while for Microsoft to take the Kinect idea from Nintendo.

Kinect was invented by Nintendo… also patented and had logos and everything (still on the internet) but Nintendo found it was too uncomfortable for players at home and not exactly enough for great playing… so they kicked the idea, sent or sold it to Microsoft and released motion controls in Wii style instead – as we do know it ^^

Hm just searching for that Kinect Nintendo Logo… I know it must be there on the Internet ^^ It was something with I guess 2 hands and Japanese signs ^^

Gamer Splash:

I see. Haha Nintendo developed the idea? Wow, really interesting. I would say the Wii motion controls were a great idea. And definitely more reliable than the Kinect. Even though the Kinect is cool with its full body features.


I think Microsoft did a great job… the developer base is huge and Microsoft is open enough to let 3rd parties develop and enhance their tools ^^ but it is really a huge problem for kids to use it in their rooms… IMPOSSIBLE …

Okay, they then released it where you do not need to have 3m distance, but even that needed too much space.

Wii Remotes and the Evolution of Nintendo Tech

 I show him this patent:

Nintendo Patent Application(s) – Handheld device with infrared camera/distance sensor

 Gamer Splash:

Looks kinda like Kinect. But filed recently. Could be for NX possibly.


Companies make a hundred patents a month ^^

A friend of mine is working for Bosch and they have some patents every day =O

Sooo much paper work… but he is in the development group ^^ luckily

 Gamer Splash:

Wow. Okay. Maybe not a big deal then.


The images on that forum remind me on New 3DS. It uses the same system to recognize the eyes’ positions.

I note that the New 3DS has IR.


It uses the IR lamp on the top to light the eyes … the black part of it gets totally WHITE… it looks like the points when a Wii Remote watches the sensor bar ^^ … Just turns the eyes into IR lights ^^

So the New 3DS can capture the 120 frames for the head tracking ^^

Wii Remote captured 300 frames per second… just to have that accurate cursor on screen ^^

But they gave up that system… in Skyward Sword it was replaced through Accelerometer/Gyroscope Cursor ._.

Gamer Splash:

Yeah. The Wii Motion Plus. It’s much more accurate.


Yeah, Wii Remote has great power too… and sound processor ^^ also has the ability to send back audio and process recording… But in the last version they removed the microphone jack… no idea why… in the version before (with ZL and ZR left/right of the D Pad) it still had it

Gamer Splash:

And you don’t need to point at the sensor bar.

Ooh. I’ve never seen a Wii Remote with a jack.


You don’t need the sensor bar, but it is horrible… not accurate… it is not like pointing… no 300 frames/second pointing ._. Gyros are just soooo slooow still

There are some very old Wii advertisement images where they use that Wii Remote XD

 Gamer Splash:

Well they made it work well for Skyward Sword and I enjoyed it.


It is like the Mario Kart Wii U ad where they use the DevKit GamePad and everyone thinks it is something for NX XD

Gamer Splash:

Haha, oh right. I remember in a developer video in the Nintendo Direct, they used a retail GamePad, though. For the Mario Kart 8 time trial footage.


Of course… Devs are prohibited to show dev hardware ^^ … maybe Nintendo at that time wasn’t sure about the final design of the GamePad… they made it bigger 2 times… okay after they turned it into that kind of controller… before it was square shaped without buttons.

Gamer Splash:

Yeah. For the ad right?


Hm? No in design… exists in reality. But about the ad… I know you know the image with the blurry GamePad… that’s just a Dev GamePad ^^

You can google for old Wii U dev kits then you see it ^^ was much smaller, thinner border and so ^^

Gamer Splash:

Okay I see. So you mean the dev kits.


They then made it bigger… and for the final version, bigger again.

Gamer Splash:

Okay. Yeah. I remember how it looked at E3 2011.

Really thin and with circle pads for sticks.


As I played it before the release at E3, the GamePad had soft buttons!!! The feeling just was sooo awesome … So next gen ^^ …

But I guess it was just too expensive… I was disappointed, as I had my hands on the released GamePad and it had that regular buttons… nothing soft.

There was also a huge change to the released GamePad 😢

Oh and L/R had been changed to digital 😕

Gamer Splash:

Okay. Yeah. Super Mario Sunshine wouldn’t work well on the Wii U’s digital triggers, sadly.


Yes – true ._.


Gamer Splash:

I hope they make it for NX. Or a sequel. Provided NX has analog triggers, I suppose.


Yesssss.. Super Mario Sunshine NX as launch title ❤❤❤

Want it ^^

Gamer Splash:

I would love that!

A Mario game is rumored to launch with NX now.


Yes… wow… how surprising would it be… *cough* … And people are always so stupid like “WHAT GREAT NEWS!” XD

Gamer Splash:

I wouldn’t doubt it. New Nintendo consoles always launch with Mario.


Oh Really? XD

How many Mario Games did we get on Wii U? 2? 3? ^^

Gamer Splash:

2, not counting Captain Toad:

Super Mario 3D World New Super Mario Bros. U

Hopefully more for NX. But I prefer quality over quantity, of course.


So… what does Nintendo have in the works?

Maybe Super Mario Sunshine 2?

Of course Super Mario Galaxy 3, Super Mario 3D World 2, and some New Super Mario Bros. 2D title… Or let’s call it Super Mario Maker NX ^^

I think it is nice to have 2D and 3D Marios… because different people prefer different game styles ^^

And a real 3D Mario plays totally different to a 2D one ^^

Gamer Splash:

Yes, I agree. Miyamoto said they were working on a new 3D Mario and it may be ready to show at next E3.


Hm… Paper Mario Color Splash … also a Mario game? Did you see the Super Mario Bros. 3 level in it? ^^

Gamer Splash:

Of course I did! It looks great!

So that’s it, folks!

What do you think? Are you as excited as ever about the Nintendo Cross (err… the NX)? Leave us a comment below!

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Animal Crossing and Miitomo Successor Launch Titles for NX + More – Developer Interview – Part 1

Nintendo “Stressed Out” – NX Reveal Imminent – Developer Interview Part 2

The NX Reveal Is This Month – Developer Interview Part 3

The NX Reveal Is This Month – Developer Interview Part 3

Click here to check out part 4 of the interview

Hey all!

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the NX, but we’re back some (near final) news!

You may have heard the fresh rumors hot off the plate of the ever-alive NX rumor mill – the rumor that developers now have a date for the NX reveal.

Let’s debunk this.

Speaking to our source, I have uncovered what the case actually is.

It turns out that there is a reveal for something very soon, but it is apparently not something very interesting for the public.

Here is what our unnamed source had to say:

Gamer Splash:

I’ve been told that developers know the reveal date now

Is that true?


There is something that is secret and will be revealed… but I guess not to the public. It is nothing interesting for the public, only for devs and publishers. And they have a date for a reveal. But nothing about a specific date about an NX reveal…

But maybe some sources do know more – it is not that everyone always has the same information. For example, we [devs] knew months before the WiiWare reveal… but even other people in the same Nintendo office didn’t know about it, haha.

Communication seems to be difficult.

So this is pretty interesting. What our source tells us is that something is being revealed, but not specifically. However, he didn’t deny it would be for the NX, but knowing Nintendo at this stage, what else could it be for?

He went on to say that whatever it was would interest developers and publishers but not the general public. Our source mentions the WiiWare reveal, so, while just an example, this points to me that it is something vital to distributors and publishers, perhaps it is information less interesting, such as how pricing and distribution will work on the NX. If so, I would agree that this info is not very interesting to the public, but, at least for the people reading this article, any info regarding the NX would be interesting, right?

This gets me thinking. I then think, “Hm, well if it’s very soon, then that must mean this week, right?”

I then remember this rumor:

Neogaf – Pawbyte NX Date

Basically, there is a new engine claiming that it will release some info to developers on October 4 – today.

I ask my source if this could have anything to do with it or not.

His response:

Haha. I know a friend … he wanted to know about NX and submitted that automatic form for official Nintendo developers (WTF) and then he wrote them a mail about NX and he got a response back… the standard response from Nintendo is this automatically mailed line:

‘At this time we are unable to disclose development in regards to support for the Nintendo platform code-named “NX”.’

But the second line [of Neogaf post] is just written by that guy. I guess you, as an English expert, also know that no one would write “At this time we are unable to…” instead of writing “in 9 days we will be able to…”

It is an automatic response from Nintendo… and there is no time given. It would be strange XD

So just a fakey again 😉

So another rumor debunked.

What About That Reveal Rumor?

Lastly, we discuss the rumor that the reveal could be October 21.

Gamer Splash:

Rumors of an October 21 reveal now. Since that is exactly 5 years after the first Nintendo Direct, and Nintendo always reveals big things in October (except for last year)


Ah I see… so just another guess… Like always.

 Gamer Splash:

Yeah. Is that reveal date for developers before that, though? I couldn’t imagine it being so early.


Um… it is confidential information… and it is not interesting to the public… but it is very soon. I just thought maybe one is speaking about that… but as always, nothing has leaked 😛

As with all Nintendo or NX things… nothing is leaking ^^

Gamer Splash:

Thanks. I’m trying to be patient for Nintendo. I am still thinking the week after Color Splash releases would be best. So next week, or week after seems best to me.


I’m curious about the title [of the NX]… And I want to know that they will release that sh** as soon as possible…. today or so XD

I want to finally sell my games.

So there you have it, folks!

My source does not seem to know when Nintendo will reveal the NX to the public yet, but there is definitely something planned for Nintendo developers and publishers very soon.

No doubt if Nintendo is revealing more to developers and publishers now, that the public announcement will follow very soon.

Reveal Date

My analysis of the reveal date is like many others. I looked at Nintendo’s upcoming releases, the frequency of their news postings, and the timings of the Nintendo Directs, and have concluded:

Nintendo’s best time to reveal the NX would be next week, the week after Paper Mario: Color Splash releases (mid-week). It could also be the week after that, as Nintendo really has nothing else [home console related] to talk about after that, and it will be the final first-party release for the Wii U – what better time to talk about it than that!

In regards to the October 21 reveal, I think it is very likely. It would be Nintendo’s last chance to reveal it before Halloween, and more importantly, before all of the other console and game releases in November (PS4 Pro), Nintendo’s own NES Mini, and not to mention Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon releasing. It would not be best to compete with all of that.

Nintendo has one last shot at revealing the NX before it gets too late. These next couple of weeks are going to be it. And they’re going to be exciting.

What do you think? Will the NX be revealed this month? Leave us a comment below!

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Nintendo “Stressed Out” – NX Reveal Imminent – Developer Interview Part 2

-Noah Sanchez, Gamer Splash

Nintendo “Stressed Out” – NX Reveal Imminent – Developer Interview Part 2

Click here to check out part 3 of the interview

Hey all!

We’re back with some more interesting news.

You may remember not too long ago, our interview with an independent Nintendo developer, giving us clues to what may come with the NX, as well as shedding a lot of light about Nintendo development in general.

Well, our source has been communicating with us once again, this time bringing us some juicy new info on the NX’s announcement.

Once again, it must be restated that English is not his first language, but his second.

Here’s what we learned:

First, our source has no official info on the NX’s reveal. He told me developers don’t get info on the system’s public unveiling, only the system, so as we are, he’s waiting for Nintendo to surprise us all with its inevitable announcement.

However, he has heard this:

Nintendo is stressed out right now. Nintendo of America especially. But likely also Nintendo of Europe.

Here’s why:

We were speaking of the recent analyst’s predictions that the NX would be revealed as late as early October. He’s worried the NX release will be pushed back from March, but I reassure him, that Nintendo would like to have it out before the end of the fiscal year, keeping their investors happy.

He agrees, then has this to say:

I just know that they are super stressed right now. and that I’m waiting for my final dev kits… but maybe that also moves to October or later then … but who cares… I first need to survive ’til Summer 2017 ^^

I ask:

Oh, why would they be stressed?

 His response:

Handling the presentation and unveiling of their next systems? Tons of things have to be prepared… websites in all languages … and all the new guidelines have to be set up and communicated…. I guess releasing a new system is the most stressful part at Nintendo in a console cycle…

Gamer Splash:

Right, I’m sure it is. They have to get it all right and ready.

Do you mean NCL or NOA? Or the company as a whole?


Um all of course… mostly NoE I guess… because of all the different languages and countries. But I just know it from NoA.

 Gamer Splash:

Ah, I see. Hm, maybe the announcement may be pushed back then.


The development support team is totally dying right now because they are still not ready with a full english documentation. Most of it is still in Japanese ^^ I also had this happen on Wii and 3DS… It just takes time… but right now it seems as if Japan still doesn’t have something really finished ^^’ stress stress stress stress stress

 Gamer Splash:

Oh wow, that sucks. Why do you think it’s taking so long?

Maybe because of the last minute spec changes? Or because there is so much to translate?


No there aren’t spec changes, haha… that’s just a rumor… especially because: A DEV KIT NEVER HAS THE CHIPS of a final system ^^

Not a single chip in the Wii U dev kit is the same as in Wii U … It’s the same with 3DS ^^

A dev kit also never has the same ‘console’ or ‘handheld’ hardware as retail… for example the dev GamePad and dev 3DS systems are a blank shape inside… It is just so you have the buttons and screens… but no chips inside 😉
That’s one reason why Emily (Rogers)’ posts are so weird and unrealistic for any developer. She has just NO IDEA how development works.Dev hardware always has an ‘unlimited’ amount of power and memory. So it can take any final specs 😉 Also for development it is easier… so you can create a game with more power and much more memory… and in the end you can throw out unused objects, textures and so on ^^ I hope you understand that ^^

So NO MATTER what specs any devkit may have (and they never have the same company made chips or anything) it has NOTHING to do with the final version of the system.
Especially 3DS and Wii U … there are more dev kits from DIFFERENT companies including different chips 😉 Also, the systems themselves can adjust their power in a massive way… that is why some very first consoles need an update disc first… this one gives the final OS and this configures the final hardware to what it should be 😉

So that rumor is squashed.

About the documentation and the inevitable announcement:

Nintendo Guidelines are BOOKS… many BOOKS… for every single thing (topic) it is a book. And their programs… have huge documentation as well… and this all has to be translated in a way that developers can understand… Japanese programmers think totally differently… It is so much fun… all the bad-english-written function names and so on, haha.

And then they deliver a new version every week (especially in this state) and all of it has to be re-translated again =O

As a developer, you can decide to use the old program with issues but in English… or wait a month until the newer version has been completely translated…

Or they wait for 2 or 3 new versions and THEN translate it ^^

It is a massive system behind… with all of the dev things and documentation… players never see that. But [some] players also think that a game can be made in 2 weeks by one person… and never would understand that hundreds of people work for several years on a Smash Bros. or Zelda ^^

So in short, it appears that because Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe have to translate all of the documents for developers to English and other languages, they are stressed out. And apparently the Japanese docs aren’t even done yet.

With this information, it makes sense that they are stressed out. With the NX reveal likely coming soon, Nintendo is under pressure to deliver for developers. Not only for independent developers such as our source, but for major third party developers and publishers, as well.

By no means does this mean that games are not being developed yet. They are well into development. But it does mean that Nintendo has a lot on its plate right now, in that it has to deliver this documentation to developers, and it would be good to do so before its reveal.

This documentation issue could also take away some attention and resources from the planning of the system’s reveal, so this is why we anticipate a delay until October for the system to finally be revealed.

Could it still be sooner? We hope so. But with this new information, the odds are a bit more stacked here.

Regardless, we do believe that Nintendo cannot wait to announce it any later than early next month.


Because unlike launching a free mobile app based on a popular franchise like Pokemon GO or Super Mario Run, game consoles are different.

First, console manufacturers must promote their console well ahead of its release to have a good amount of time to promote it and line up partnerships so it has successful launch.

Maybe the partnerships they’re already doing. But it needs to be marketed to the mass consumers well before hand, in order for it to gain traction with consumers.

Second, consoles are expensive. Again, this is not a free to start app. It’s an (at least $250-350) gaming console(s).

A next generation console release requires giving people time to plan and get interested in the product, giving them time to plan and make the investment in the system.

In order to do this, the company must show off the hardware in advance, its features, it games, and its price, in order to gain traction and influence purchases from consumers.

For it to have a successful launch, it must have a slow but steady new stream of news leading up to the release of the product.

Some may argue that the Playstation 4 Pro or Xbox One S were planned for release just a couple months after their reveal.

However, these consoles are incremental upgrades to already existing platforms and systems.

If a company is launching a brand new platform and system, as Nintendo is with the NX, they need much more time to build awareness, hype, and purchase intent from consumers. This requires revealing much earlier than the release.

And finally, Nintendo has no other major news to share at this point.

Nintendo has already announced its future plans for 3DS and mobile with the recent 3DS Direct, as well as Nintendo’s only mobile game slated for release this year, Super Mario Run.

Unless there’s a surprise Wii U Direct coming soon (highly doubtful), there’s nothing left for the company to show this year.

So what does Nintendo’s next major news have to be?

The Nintendo NX reveal, of course!

And it has to be soon.

Looking at the past, while the gaps between major console reveals and releases have been getting smaller, they’ve never gone under six months.

Gaps Between Reveal and Release – Major Gaming Consoles (2011-2013)

Nintendo 3DS – Announced in June 2010,  released February 2011 – 8 months

Wii U – Announced June 2011 –  Released November 2012 – 17 months

Xbox One – Announced May 2013 – Released November 2013 – 6 months

PS4 – Announced February 2013 – Released November 2013 – 9 months

We’re now at 6 months away from the launch of the NX, without a reveal.

If Nintendo wants the console to be successful upon launch, it has to reveal it soon.

And by our estimations, it will.

What do you think of this news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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-Noah Sanchez, Gamer Splash

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Launching In April 2017 According to Licensee

Hey all!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been a long awaited, albeit long-delayed, game.

It was first announced in 2014 for a 2015 release, with a short teaser trailer. We then got some new gameplay footage at The Game Awards 2015, with Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma confirming the date for 2015. However, in 2015, we heard the news that it would be delayed to 2016 in order to fully realize the open world and new ideas they had. Then, in 2016, we had one more delay to March 2017, as the company decided to make the move to release it on NX and Wii U simultaneously.

We then received a big Zelda blowout, showing hours of new footage from the game, with this year’s E3 primarily focused on the new game. There, we learned that this delay was due to several reasons, like better implementing the physics engine, and also setbacks caused by mistakes Aonuma made in leading the team to milestones. Either way, we believe it was the smart decision to delay it to 2017 to have a strong lineup for the NX.

At that time, its release date was also changed from March 2017 to TBA 2017, a move suggesting it may not hit the launch date and release simultaneously with the NX. This could point to a possible later Spring, Summer, or even Fall 2017 release, though we still believe it will be spring.

Then comes this news:

According to the website for a new officially licensed Zelda Christmas sweater, we may actually be getting The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in approximately 7 months.

Don’t believe us? Take a look!

If this were any other unofficial site, this news may not be so trustworthy, however, it is coming from the website of the retailer. Since it was officially licensed, Nintendo must have given them this information.

This would likely put its release date in April of 2017. While this info is not directly from Nintendo, it comes from an officially licensed distributor, so it is highly trustworthy, unless Nintendo changed the date themselves.

For more info on Nintendo, the NX, and Breath of the Wild, stay tuned to our blog!

For all we know on the NX, read our articles:

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-Noah Sanchez, Gamer Splash

Animal Crossing and Miitomo Successor Launch Titles for NX + More – Developer Interview

Click here to check out part 2 of the interview

Hey all!

You may have seen our previous articles, where we rounded up all the facts, and credible rumors surrounding the Nintendo NX, and where we showed evidence that the Nintendo NX would be an ARM-based console.

Now, it’s time to share a little something of our own.

We’ve recently been lucky enough to come in contact with an independent Nintendo developer, and they let us in on a number of interesting details regarding the upcoming Nintendo NX, development secrets of the 3DS and Wii U, and more!

For the purposes of keeping this article short, we will only post the NX news-related portion. Stay tuned for more on development secrets about the Wii U, 3DS, and more, as we post later on.

Keep in mind, this is a real licensed Nintendo developer. They are not a random new account on Reddit claiming they’re a “AAA developer with access to the NX at their workplace”. This is a real developer who has had many independent digital Nintendo releases over ten years, dating back to the WiiWare service on the Wii. They own an NX dev kit, and are currently working on multiple upcoming titles for the system.

For the purposes of them keeping their development license, and NDA, they have requested to remain anonymous in this article, but their authenticity is 100%.

Also, keep in mind he’s from another country, so his English is not perfect; it’s his second language.

Now grab some popcorn, and sit back in your comfy chair. Onto the conversation!

On The NX Hardware

I asked my source about the games he’s working on for NX (some have already been announced, thus my question).

Here’s his response:

As he was telling me about the game, he said, “it is hard for me to optimise the game for PC… on NX it’s easy… every NX is the same… and on NX it runs the smoothest so far… Why can’t I just only release it for NX? Oh yes.. because I need to survive ’til NX”

When asked if they had a dev kit specifically, he told me, “…All devs have dev kits… but we cannot talk about it… so… : I’ve no idea ^^”

While not directly confirming it, he made it clear to me that he indeed does.

On the chips NX will have, he told me,

I don’t understand all the discussions about chip types in forums…

1. People have no idea about processing architecture and what that means for games.

2. Nintendo never ever had a chip set that was sold in other ways… they ALWAYS modified the chip types sooo much that they are much more powerful for their games and formats.

So… it does not make any sense to talk about that stuff.

And no one wants to talk about what might make NX special… no one is interested in the games anymore.

Interestingly, he also told me, “truth is that dev kits get an update in sept with final hardware… because final chips then will get produced.”

This falls in line perfectly with the recent rumor that the NX has started production, courtesy of 10K.

Additionally, as an indication of console power, he told me,
In [new IP] it is hard with quality settings when it comes to buildings… you can crush any building and it departs in an amount of different parts… You damage the building and it all falls apart… but HOW MANY PARTS … 10? 50? 100? 1000 parts?

On slow PC’s 10 are okay… 50 on my PC (around Surface Pro 3 i5 power level). On NX I would choose, I guess, 300 parts so it looks awesome.

While I would not like to mislead with possible calculation amounts, this does portray the NX having a hefty amount of power.

On The Endless NX Rumors

He says that the many rumored articles coming out look to be fake or actually fabricated, because the people reporting them, including Emily Rogers‘ sources, “cannot possibly have a devkit”.

Commenting on the unreliability of rumors (we were talking about the recent divided d-pad rumor), he had this to say:

There you have it… someone in the net says: d-pad now is just buttons…. and next day another guy says: Yes that’s true… I’ll paint you an image! But Emily did not know that, instead talking about USB ports? And no leaker before ever heard about that? And tomorrow it will be again a regular d-pad? People are totally bogus.

There is sooo much information about NX out in the net through ‘leaks’ so it could be ANYTHING … some might be more true… some less… but all in all: nobody from those people really know NX …. As I’ve told you many times:

If I would leak the NX I would not talk about those things… resolution or USB ports on devkits… I would present the real interesting things and what makes  the NX recognisable.

IF they do have good sources… they would never want to hurt them… right? If they do have sources… then they just do not trust them and tell them information like ‘there are USB ports on the dev kit’ or ‘the screen has this resolution’.

But as I said… if someone really would want to leak something… it would be an INTERESTING thing… Nintendo always does have something special with their devices… but nobody… NOBODY ANYWHERE ever has talked or just hinted any of these things about NX.

Additionally, regarding the recent swappable button rumor, he had this to say:

Yes… Miyamoto talked about that years ago… and they also showed prototypes of a Nintendo 3DS with changeable setup. They decided against it because people could easily destroy or lose the parts.


So it’s likely that Nintendo may decide to actually go against the removable parts we’ve seen in recent rumors. But regardless if they do or not, it wouldn’t matter. These removable parts weren’t the 3D of the 3DS (its biggest new innovation), so it likely won’t be the IT about the NX.

Regarding the Eurogamer articles, he told me that the Eurogamer article and every new system features article aren’t wrong, but choose to leave out the interesting details on NX. Thus, he told me that he believes Nintendo is fabricating these articles on purpose, letting details slip to get the public excited about the NX, without revealing the true features of it.

This article is well written… like taking the description of NX and just revealing every 3rd line of it or so… You understand.

He says the rumors about the dock having 2 USB ports, the resolution, or being a hybrid is interesting, but even if true, is not the exciting part about the NX. He also said calling the NX a hybrid in the first place is an interesting thing to call it, as it’s not exactly how he, as a developer, would have described the NX device itself.

On The Wii U, Unreal Engine, And Third Party Support

On UE4 Support:

He told me that the situation that the Wii U wasn’t powerful enough for Unreal Engine 4 was complete bogus.

Here’s what he had to say:

“There’s also an Unreal version on Nintendo 3DS… and on smartphones… and… UE4 definitely runs on Wii U. It has nothing to do with having more power. Most people just have no idea what’s really inside of Wii U or Nintendo 3DS… also on the internet are only wrong informations about it.

Unreal stopped supporting it as the sales numbers have been too low. If Unreal wants to support a system they will do it. It is not Nintendo’s choice or any question of hardware.

For example: Nintendo NX does not support Unreal Engine. It works in a different way: Unreal sees that there is a lot of potential to sell many licenses, so they support it. Nintendo does not have a lot to do with that. They also took back the Wii U support and the 3DS support, as they realised that there are no huge sales numbers, no money to get, so their support would cost more than it brings. So if Unreal wants to support a system, they just do so. You see, Unreal also runs on smartphones without a problem – there is no technical limitation for an engine running somewhere. Unity, for example, is as powerful and is also available for Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS.”

On Third Party Support:

Upon asking about the situation of third parties on Nintendo’s systems, he told me,

I’m sure you will enjoy it a lot. I guess the amount of indie devs releasing their stuff on NX will be enormous…

Developers COULD port/release all XBone/PS4 games on Wii U, if they wanted… but sales numbers are just too bad. And no one buys a Wii U for a killer game he already has on his XBone/PS4… and this might not change.

I expect tons of 3rd party support and even more indie dev support on NX … but 1:1 ports of games you can play on another platform? Hm… not hoping for them… NX is too innovative for that stuff.

I do remember GameCube … it had the best hardware… and awesome 3rd party support… but no one cared… did not sell.

Additionally, when asked about the lackluster third party support (which developers blamed system power for), he sheds more light on why the Wii U didn’t get great third party and indie support:

Most devs are just talking sh*t …. just because they can…. for example… so many devs are asked to release their games on Wii U…. but even if it is a 2.5D RPG game… the devs say that Wii U has not enough power/memory/whatever …. just not to say that Wii U has sold bad and that they will not sell enough games there.

Like Super Meat Boy was cancelled for WiiWare years ago… they talked about not-enough-memory … while the truth just was that the ‘Homebrew’ piracy channel totally destroyed the Wii market so no one could ever make any money with it… that is also why no more big titles have been released there but just random mini game mixes … because those people who have small kids and play those mini game mixes do not have installed that piracy channel.

I asked him:

I’m wondering what Nintendo will do to make the NX stand out this time, aside from power. I mean we’ve heard the hybrid thing, but that’s really it so far. Like a GamePad 2.0

Is that enough for it to be successful?

His response:

“People have no idea what ‘hybrid’ should mean. It is so funny seeing all the mock ups and so.

GamePad 2.0… do you know that the Wii U GamePad itself has more power than a Nintendo DS? It was planned to install and play DS and GameBoy and GBA games just on the GamePad… the update was planned together with the smaller GamePad (which everyone buys for Playing Pikmin in 2 Player Mode) … but all those plans got kicked by the low sales numbers. Together with the 2nd gamepad also another Wii U should have been released… a slim version. . . . but “Wii U” was sooo bad – everyone thought it was Wii … not a successor… no one understood that it was not just a gamepad for the old Wii … so they just stopped developing for anything and moved on to NX with all the projects… years ago =O

So Wii U is just a sad story about a FAIL through marketing. I really love my Wii U … and the games are soooo amazing!

Let’s see what resolution the NX will deliver…and which shape it will have…. 720p?”

I then ask him if the Wii U Slim GamePad could have looked like this:


Is This A Redesigned Wii U GamePad In Latest Mario Kart 8 Japanese Commercial?

Haha no… that GamePad in the commercial was just a bad made commercial.

I haven’t seen another design… but a Slim Wii U and Slim GamePad would have had another design…

Upon asking him, “So the NX will probably improve upon the GamePad right?” he would not comment, but replied with a smirk.

On What The NX Will Actually Be

Eventually, I am told that Nintendo has actually revealed the general concept of NX already:

I just can tell you… Nintendo already stated what the NX will be… for that part we are currently talking about. I cannot tell you when exactly or what they said… but the information about the direction the NX takes AND how it will be different from other products and controls… are out in the internet… spread within some interviews and news – BUT – people are forgetting.

Post some news today… 6 months later no one will remember.

They talked what their next project will be all about… what they want to do… what they are working on… and looking into too… but who knows… maybe all those sketches are right… Hm you should check if the cartridge port and the headphones are on the same locations on all the sketches out in the net… If really leaked the images should be identical, shouldn’t they? But do you remember a playstation d-pad on an earlier sketch?

This is very interesting news, as it seems odd that Nintendo is keeping so tight-lipped about the system, if in fact its concept has already been revealed!

However, there are many possibilities here. Nintendo has stated much new information about its new system already, but without revealing the “new way to play” concept the NX will likely have.

For example, in Nintendo’s 2014 investor conference, the late president Satoru Iwata stated,

Still, I am not sure if the form factor (the size and configuration of the hardware) will be integrated. In contrast, the number of form factors might increase. Currently, we can only provide two form factors because if we had three or four different architectures, we would face serious shortages of software on every platform. To cite a specific case, Apple is able to release smart devices with various form factors one after another because there is one way of programming adopted by all platforms. Apple has a common platform called iOS. Another example is Android. Though there are various models, Android does not face software shortages because there is one common way of programming on the Android platform that works with various models. The point is, Nintendo platforms should be like those two examples. Whether we will ultimately need just one device will be determined by what consumers demand in the future…

Additionally, he said:

In this perspective, while we are only going to be able to start this with the next system, it will become important for us to accurately take advantage of what we have done with the Wii U architecture. It of course does not mean that we are going to use exactly the same architecture as Wii U, but we are going to create a system that can absorb the Wii U architecture adequately. When this happens, home consoles and handheld devices will no longer be completely different, and they will become like brothers in a family of systems.

Aside from what the system hardware could be, Iwata stated that future platforms would be account-based, rather than console based.

On Wii U, we launched Nintendo Network IDs, which are abbreviated as NNIDs. This is the first step of our efforts to transform customer relationship management from device-based to account-based, namely, consumer-based, through which we aim to establish long-term relationships with individual consumers, unaffected by the lifespans of our systems. Our future platform will connect with our consumers based on accounts, not devices.

Of course, when we do launch new hardware in the future, rather than re-creating an installed base from scratch as we did in the past, we wish to build on our existing connections with our consumers through NNIDs and continue to maintain them. Another very important point that we need to consider is how we will incorporate smart devices into Nintendo platforms, which were composed solely of Nintendo hardware in the past.

The traditional definition of a video game platform imposed a restriction in which we were unable to connect with consumers unless they purchased a Nintendo system. Given that the competition for consumers’ time and attention has become fierce, I feel that how we will take advantage of smart devices is an extremely important question to answer. However, in order to be absolutely clear, let me emphasize that this does not mean simply supplying Nintendo games on smart devices. Taking advantage of smart devices means connecting with all consumers, including those who do not own Nintendo’s video game systems, through smart devices and communicating the value of our entertainment offerings, thus encouraging more people to participate in Nintendo platforms.

As I just illustrated, we will manage our relationships with our consumers through NNIDs in a uniform manner, and connecting with our consumers through NNIDs will precisely be our new definition of a Nintendo platform.
In other words, our platform will not be bound to physical hardware and, instead, will be virtualized.”

Finally, he iterates that the new platform could be the first to integrate a new pricing model:

Based on our account system, if we can offer flexible price points to consumers who meet certain conditions, we can create a situation where these consumers can enjoy our software at cheaper price points when they purchase more. Here, we do not need to limit the condition to the number of software titles they purchase. Inviting friends to start playing a particular software title is also an example of a possible condition. If we can achieve such a sales mechanism, we can expect to increase the number of players per title, and the players will play our games with more friends. This can help maintain the high usage ratio of a platform. When one platform maintains a high active use ratio, the software titles which run on it have a higher potential to be noticed by many, which leads to more people playing with more titles. When we see our overall consumers, they generally play two or three titles per year. We aim to establish a new sales mechanism that will be beneficial to both consumers and software creators by encouraging our consumers to play more titles and increasing a platform’s active use ratio without largely increasing our consumers’ expenditures. Nintendo aims to work on this brand-new sales mechanism in the medium term

Source: Corporate Management Policy Briefing / Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing for the 74th Fiscal Term Ending March 2014 Q & A

If you look at the above, there is some solid information already on what the NX will be.

Additionally, as our source said, they said Nintendo is looking into things. What did Nintendo state they were looking into?

Nintendo stated they were looking into VR.

Regarding VR, Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo has stated that they are looking into developing VR in their game systems, however did not confirm whether the NX would be compatible or not.

However, Reggie Fils-Aime stated that Nintendo does not focus on specs with its systems, but rather on content, and that Nintendo will utilize VR once the tech is good enough for it.

My thoughts on this are that Nintendo will be adding VR compatibility to the system, and it will come out with its own VR hardware that addresses the problems it sees with VR, sometime down the line. I don’t expect it to be the initial innovation of the system, though.

With this new information, my thoughts on Nintendo’s stance on VR remain the same, however, this heightens the proposition that Nintendo will support VR in some fashion for the NX.

Finally, my source had this to say:

For Nintendo … NX is not just the systems, consoles or whatever… it is more an idea … An idea to change and save the video game industry. Trying to go in a new direction with a concept others will ‘steal’ … but that’s okay because all the thoughts are for saving the industry’s future… That’s always what I’m thinking of… and that’s why I have a problem with that when I hear that NX should be a PS4-like console… because NX stands for a concept… not only for a thing.

When asked about what saving the industry meant, he elaborated, saying,

Because we are in a videogames crisis like in the past where Nintendo saved it with the NES in the early ’80s. But it should be hidden from gamers… that so many developers are getting bankrupt daily because they wanted to survive with making games.

Selling a game under 20 bucks kills the developer.

He tells me that because, for indie devs, prices for games have gone down too much with competition (even under a dollar, or free), that developers are forced to bring their prices down, lest consumers not buy the product, so the vast majority of developers never turn a reasonable profit… unless their game is a big hit.

Nintendo always wants do to something against it. On WiiWare games should not be priced under 800 Wii Points!! Pop was the one that managed to go under that price. On the eShop it was I think $2.99 … but then there was the app (don’t remember which one) which was released everywhere for $0.99 so they wanted to release for $0.99 on eShop too… that broke the line :/

The problem is that many developers who have problem with piracy do not want to see it and think they just made their game too expensive… so they drop their price… and dropping the price brings more sales numbers… but not more value at all.

For example… [Game 1] costs $7.99 … [Game 2] costs $2.99 …. [Game 2] sold a lot more units… but [Game 1] makes a lot more money.

There are just too many good games out there, for too cheap.

I personally see the situation as videogames becoming harder for the indie developer to create. Smaller games become monopolized by big game companies, because they can afford to price their (even older) games lower. Because of brand recognition, and a lower price tag, gamers buy the big company’s cheap game, leaving indies out in the dust.

According to my source’s comments about Nintendo’s direction, and Iwata’s comments above, indeed, it looks like the new way of buying games will be a focus for its next platform. And it will be a win-win for developers and consumers alike.

We’ve already seen the beginnings of this in the My Nintendo system, released alongside Miitomo in March of 2016, where users can complete “Missions” inside the games, and be rewarded with coins, used to buy exclusive software, addons, or discounts on Nintendo products. I have no doubt this will come to full fruition with the release of NX within the next year.

On NX Games

While all this talk on the system’s potentials is interesting, what’s a game system without games??

While we have already posted our complete list of confirmed and rumored NX games, we had a chance to talk about NX’s potential games with our source.

Here’s what he had to say:

As a 3rd party dev I’m just told to prepare for Summer 2017 … not earlier… so if it comes in March… there will be just 1st party.

Maybe Nintendo holds its 1st party for a month or two … or maybe the big ones (EA/Ubisoft) will release a title or two with it. Ubisoft works very close to Nintendo and they are big… as I see Watch Dogs 2 was just designed for NX so… maybe it is a title for the launch.

I believe that the game fits with the tablet in the game perfectly. Our source elaborates:

As I watched the E3 presentation of it I just thought like WTF(!!!) … but no one else knows… so… Same with Zelda at one part XD … but… you’ll see then when you play the games on NX.

Hm Zelda… when?… Summer 2017? Autumn 2017? They just said they will show more of it at E3 2017.

Interestingly, it appears Watch Dogs 2 and Zelda Breath of the Wild both include obvious gameplay/visual elements that showcase the NX’s capabilities.

What those could be? We have no idea. But maybe you can help find out.

As I personally am very excited for the potential Luigi’s Mansion 3 game from Next Level Games, I asked him what he thought about this too. He said:

And no… that rumor is bogus… the way how it is written and what should have happened with LM3 … that’s how fans think development works… but not how it really does.

But Nintendo’s situation: They worked on every IP they have to put an awesome title on Wii U … BUT … early on realised that Wii U did not sell. So they stopped all development for Wii U … Mario Kart 8 and everything (we talked) had to be stopped. MK8 was released as last hope… but just to give it to fans.

So… Nintendo works on Metroid, Luigi, Pikmin 3  (4?), Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing and so on all the years…

If you ask me… NX will get all those hit games within the first year. And… it is not a rumor… it is just logic that all those titles are in development since years and must have been finished.

Beyond this, our source actually confirmed the rumor that Animal Crossing will arrive on NX as a launch title, as well as something extra.

The Brand New NX Games

In speaking to him, he told me that as a developer, when developers receive the hardware, Nintendo has to show them concepts for how the system could work, so developers have a basis on what they can do with the new hardware.

Part of these demos included a brand new Animal Crossing and a new, fully-featured version of Miitomo.

Here’s what they had to say about the Animal Crossing game:
Once we spoke about the NX’s reveal, he said,

Nintendo Direct I guess… I’m sure they will show Animal Crossing =D … THIS will be a launch title.

It definitely will! … NX is just made for Animal Crossing!

We told him, we know an Animal Crossing game is coming out this year for mobile, though. And Fire Emblem.

Yes… also September I guess?

Maybe it is the start app for NX like Miitomo is? … The games all run on NX.

Miitomo will get a huge update…. you know Tomodachi Life I guess 😉

Miitomo right now is just a shadow of it… ultra light trial edition, haha.

We have heard in the past that Nintendo’s mobile games will work on the NX.  I told our source this, which means it must have a touch screen. I also told him that I eventually got a bit bored with Miitomo.

He told me:

Most people just forget to click on MY ANSWERS and RECENT (or however it is called in english) … where people start to ask you and want a conversation. But true…most are playing Pokémon GO now.

You know… Tomodachi Life also works well without WiFi… if I’m right they will upgrade it to a full game…. Unsure about the price… Unsure if you use your Miitomo Mii in Animal Crossing …. as a dev I know some things about those games… You know Nintendo always shows devs how to use a system and use screens of their own games and so on XD … like Café on 3DS many years ago.

It has the same WTF-Moments and the same Unique Appeal like Animal Crossing has… but in a totally different and new way. Like your own TV show… soap…telenovela but as a fully interactive game. it is not an experience you can really describe to one so he understands it…. like Animal Crossing… ^^

I told him, “I’m more excited to play it now! A new version would be awesome for NX. Especially if it has that portable element.”

He said:

Yes… I’m also very excited for NX… because of all the games we will get…. Nintendo works since more than 3 years on titles for it… so I guess we will get a great one from every Nintendo universe ^^ … and of course an advanced Nintendo Land and Mario Kart 8 (where is the battle mode DLC?)

Oh and Nintendo Land should also have had DLC… Nintendo told us at first… it should add more games and more levels for the games that are in Nintendo Land… but it never happened (because of Wii U sales…) … so I’m sure we will see it again on NX at some point ^^

With Nintendo unifying the development pipeline and architecture, it seems they will have a lot more games coming out.

We told him we’d love to see Nintendo Land make a return.

Being an avid Nintendo fan himself, he said:

Yes I also love it soo much… played it not enough (like all my games)

Sadly no time to play all the games 😥

Of course. He must not have much time with all that NX development to worry about.


The Nintendo NX is shaping up to be an interesting system. Never before has there been so much hype for any console in recent history, and with this new information, the hype continues to build.

It is likely to be revealed in September, so we will eagerly wait until then until the final news breaks.

Until then, we will continue to publish new articles with any new information as it breaks.

For more info on the NX, read:

Everything We Know About the NX

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Everything We Know About the Nintendo NX So Far

Hey all!

For over a year and a half since the announcement that Nintendo is working on a new console, Nintendo fans, gamers, and the industry alike, have been highly anticipating the next system from the gaming giant. It seems like every other day, we get a new piece of unofficial NX news. As we approach the inevitable announcement of Nintendo’s next system, we’ve collected all of the information about the platform in one handy post!

Here’s all we know about the NX so far:

The Hardware

Facts Confirmed by Nintendo:

System Name:

Nintendo’s next system is yet to be officially named, with Nintendo stating the NX is a code-name.

Release date:

The NX will release in March 2017 (exact date to be announced).

System type:

The Nintendo NX will be a new concept.

It will be a new way to play games; will not be a simple replacement for Wii U and 3DS.


Nintendo proprietary OS. Not based on Android.

Connects to and integrated with My Nintendo.

Specifications and price:

The NX has yet to be officially spec’d, with Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima stating that the specifications of the console will be revealed later this year.

Additionally, Kimishima stated that the NX will not be sold at a loss, and will not be more expensive than the current offerings.


Facts Hinted at by Nintendo:

Hardware formats:

Multiple devices

Unified OS and architecture closer to iOS and Android; software will be scalable depending on the device

The NX will take into consideration the various playing environments that differ by country.

Other Features:

The system will appeal not only to moms and their kids, but experienced gamers, as well.

Regarding VR, Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo has stated that they are looking into developing VR in their game systems, however did not confirm whether the NX would be compatible or not.

However, Reggie Fils-Aime stated that Nintendo does not focus on specs with its systems, but rather on content, and that Nintendo will utilize VR once the tech is good enough for it.

My thoughts on this are that Nintendo will be adding VR compatibility to the system, and it will come out with its own VR hardware that addresses the problems it sees with VR, sometime down the line. I don’t expect it to be the initial innovation of the system, though.

Facts from Notable 3rd Party Developers and Publishers:

According to Ubisoft, the NX will “recapture a lot of the lapsed Wii players“, who are now predominantly on smart devices. Satoru Iwata has said that the NX will still be a system that will be able to play games in ways smartphones and tablets cannot, thus making an argument for dedicated games systems.

Many developers familiar with the NX, such as CD Projekt Red and others, have said it will be easier to develop for, and they are excited for it.

Gamestop confirmed that the NX will have physical media.

Hardware and OS rumors:

Now we move onto the plot that continues to thicken: the NX rumor mill. It seems every other day a new NX rumor pops up. Here we will cover the most important ones:


Rumored to be called “NintendOS”

May be Linux-based

Easy to port to; supports Android and Unreal Engine 4 software

Will work with smartphones, PCs, and other rival consoles

Architecturally similar to PS4 and Xbox One, and very modern

More apps

Will be Region Free


In the past year, we’ve heard plenty of different suggestions on what the NX hardware could be. Many have been speculated from patents Nintendo filed, and some rumors have come from trusted sources within the industry.

Console form factor:

There are conflicting rumors here. The current popular rumor suggests the NX will be a console/portable hybrid.

However, there is evidence suggesting the NX will instead be a separate console and a separate portable.

Additionally, there was a rumor that the NX would be console and portable, and the portable would come first.

However, another rumor states that the NX home console could come first.

Who knows? All three form factors could come to market eventually.


The Eurogamer report also gives details on detachable controllers for the hybrid system.

It could also have a new form of haptic feedback, which was never integrated in Nintendo portables before.

Building upon the hybrid report, those detachable controllers would act as new, improved, Wii remotes, with much better vibration and haptic feedback (similar to HTC Vive), adjustable depending on the game, and not just one vibration intensity, as the Wii remote was. The system would support both these controllers and the Wii remotes for some games.

According to a later report by the same publication, the controller could feature a separated d-pad and a PS4-like share button.

Additionally, the controller could have clickable scroll wheels as triggers, and the screen covering the entire surface area of the controller, with analog sticks inside the screen, instead of alongside it.

According to Emily Rogers, the screen is currently 720p, 6.2 inches, and features multitouch.

According to Digitimes, the screen would be 5-7 inches.

The console could also include an optional screen controller.

Finally, it could include or support a standard controller as well.

The NX could feature moddable buttons and analog sticks with haptic feedback.

Earlier rumors have suggested the NX controller will feature a touch screen using virtual buttons.

According to this rumor (unverified), the NX controller:

-Doesn’t have an oval screen, but a standard rectangle.

-Has a headphone jack (bottom of controller), gyrometer, and accelerometer, but no camera.

-Has physical buttons with a screen behind them. It doesn’t have a form shifting screen, nor does it have a touchscreen with haptic feedback.

-Has scroll wheel shoulder buttons and two regular shoulder buttons labeled ZL and ZR

-Screen covers the entire face of the controller.

-Screen is capacitive, meaning multitouch, and not stylus-based

-Screen is 1080p

-Is sort of a game system in its own, but it’s not a replacement for the 3DS. It works like a companion app on a phone, and you can take it with you and control some things from your game, like how the VMU on the Dreamcast let you take a Chao with you and train it.

-Is about the size of the bottom half of a 3DS XL.

-Itself is about as powerful as a mid-tier smartphone.

-Has secondary controllers to play local multiplayer with. No screen or headphone jack on those.

Other features:

We can expect the NX to continue to support amiibo, given how popular and profitable this market is, and how many figures Nintendo has produced. Nintendo has filed patents involving NFC too, so there is some evidence behind this, as well.

Other new innovations:

Supports VR

Innovative VR

Supports OSVR

Improved AR and multiplayer features

AR 2.0

Dynamic AR

Innovative achievements system

Connects to TV via HDMI dock to display content

Wireless HDMI dongle

3D for 2D TV’s

More 3D for 2D TV’s

Hologram technology

Ability to upgrade and share console power with Supplemental Computing Devices

Stream games and save data through SCD

Enhanced video camera features

Ability to take portable console/hybrid on the go. Games would scale down from home version.

Game streaming through handheld

Full Bluetooth capability

Very strong networking functions; cross-platform synchronization

4K 60fps streaming


The NX may get rid of the disc drive, and instead will use cartridges for all of its physical software offerings.

While it may seem odd, the move to cartridges would be a smart one. Not only would it be necessary to keep costs down and fit the portable device, but it would also provide data transfer speeds much faster than the now-bottlenecked software discs.


This is arguably the largest debate surrounding the NX.

Officially, all we know is that the NX will likely be scalable between hardware configurations.

It will support Android apps

It Will Support VR

The NX will be close to Xbox One in power

The NX will be more powerful than the PS4 and closer to the PS4 Neo

Will use Vulkan API

Will have industry-leading chips

Will Support Unreal Engine 4

The NX will use ARM architecture [This is very likely]


Why Nintendo NX Will Support Unreal Engine and ARM Architecture


The NX will have x86 architecture

The NX will not have x86 architecture

The NX will use a Tegra X1 processor

The NX may use a Tegra X2 processor

Will use Polaris-like processor

Will use an AMD processor

Handheld powered by DMP/Xilinx technology

Will Use DMP GPU

IHS providing screen

Sharp providing free-form display

Macronix developing game cards

The Games

First Party Support:

As always, Nintendo will support the NX with a stable of Nintendo games throughout its life cycle. This time, since the software will be unified across all NX devices, you can expect to see a strong launch lineup, more 1st party games than ever before, and no game droughts.

The 1st party software output will also be increased by utilizing Nintendo’s new software strategy, as well as smart device and game integration.

Third Party Support:

After the lackluster 3rd party support the Wii U received, Nintendo is striving to make the system attractive to third parties.

Big Third Party Publishers on NX:

100% Confirmed:

Ubisoft (Just Dance 2017, among others)


Sega (Sonic Project 2017)

Warner Bros.

Spike Chunsoft

Unofficially confirmed:

Square Enix

CD Projekt Red

In Consideration:

Electronic Arts (EA Sports a big demand)

Take Two Interactive


Ready at Dawn


Bandai Namco (Super Smash Bros., among others)

Activision (Skylanders, Call of Duty, and Destiny)

All NX Games

Officially Announced:

First Party-

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

New Shin’en Projects (Possibly Including F-Zero)

Third Party-

Just Dance 2017 (Ubisoft)

Sonic Project 2017 (working title) (Sega)

PUZZLEBOX setup (Bplus Games)

Bit Boy!! (tentative title) (Bplus Games)

Tank it! (Bplus Games)

Unofficially Announced:

Third Party-

Dragon Quest X (Square Enix)

Dragon Quest XI (Square Enix)

Hinted At/In Consideration:

First Party-

3D Super Mario

Pikmin 4

Metroid Prime 4

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door HD

Third Party-

Dragon Quest Builders (Square Enix)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Square Enix)

Final Fantasy XV (Square Enix)

Project CARS (Slightly Mad; Bandai Namco)

Shadow of the Eternals (Quantum Entanglement Entertainment)

Terraria (505 Games)

The Order OR Deformers (Ready at Dawn)

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (FDG Games)

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Lizardcube)

Indivisible (Lab Zero Games)

World to the West (Rain Games)


RIVE (Two Tribes)

Project Elea (Kyodai)


First Party-

Animal Crossing NX (launch title) (Gamer Splash verified source)

Miitomo NX (Full Version, similar to Tomodachi Life) (Gamer Splash verified source)

Super Smash Bros. (highly likely)

Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Next Level Games)

Pokemon (Game Freak) (launch window)

Unannounced Mario Game (launch window)

Mario Sports Superstars

Koei Tecmo games (Hyrule Warriors?)

Kid Icarus (reboot) (Retro Studios)

Splatoon (uncertain for release)

Super Mario Maker (uncertain for release)

F-Zero EX

Third Party-

Beyond Good and Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers (working title) (Ubisoft)

Ubisoft VR Games (Star Trek VR, Rive, etc.)

Call of Duty: Bloodlines (Activision)

Skylanders (Activision)

Spider Man: The First Avenger (Platinum Games; Activision)

Beyond Destiny + Destiny: Complete Edition (Bungie; Activision)

Final Fantasy VII Remake (Square Enix)

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Square Enix)

Battlefield 1 (Electronic Arts)

FIFA 2017 and other EA Sports titles

Mass Effect Trilogy (Electronic Arts)

Mass Effect Andromeda (Electronic Arts)

Resident Evil VII (Capcom)

Kingdom Hearts 3 (Square Enix)

Injustice 2 (Warner Bros.)


The NX will certainly be an interesting system. Never before has there been so much hype for any console in recent history, and it is testament to the excitement and hype that Nintendo is building around its latest console.

It is likely to be revealed in September, so we will eagerly wait until then until the final news breaks.

Until then, we will continue to update this article with any new information as it breaks.

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Article written by Noah from Gamer Splash.