Nintendo “Stressed Out” – NX Reveal Imminent – Developer Interview Part 2

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Hey all!

We’re back with some more interesting news.

You may remember not too long ago, our interview with an independent Nintendo developer, giving us clues to what may come with the NX, as well as shedding a lot of light about Nintendo development in general.

Well, our source has been communicating with us once again, this time bringing us some juicy new info on the NX’s announcement.

Once again, it must be restated that English is not his first language, but his second.

Here’s what we learned:

First, our source has no official info on the NX’s reveal. He told me developers don’t get info on the system’s public unveiling, only the system, so as we are, he’s waiting for Nintendo to surprise us all with its inevitable announcement.

However, he has heard this:

Nintendo is stressed out right now. Nintendo of America especially. But likely also Nintendo of Europe.

Here’s why:

We were speaking of the recent analyst’s predictions that the NX would be revealed as late as early October. He’s worried the NX release will be pushed back from March, but I reassure him, that Nintendo would like to have it out before the end of the fiscal year, keeping their investors happy.

He agrees, then has this to say:

I just know that they are super stressed right now. and that I’m waiting for my final dev kits… but maybe that also moves to October or later then … but who cares… I first need to survive ’til Summer 2017 ^^

I ask:

Oh, why would they be stressed?

 His response:

Handling the presentation and unveiling of their next systems? Tons of things have to be prepared… websites in all languages … and all the new guidelines have to be set up and communicated…. I guess releasing a new system is the most stressful part at Nintendo in a console cycle…

Gamer Splash:

Right, I’m sure it is. They have to get it all right and ready.

Do you mean NCL or NOA? Or the company as a whole?


Um all of course… mostly NoE I guess… because of all the different languages and countries. But I just know it from NoA.

 Gamer Splash:

Ah, I see. Hm, maybe the announcement may be pushed back then.


The development support team is totally dying right now because they are still not ready with a full english documentation. Most of it is still in Japanese ^^ I also had this happen on Wii and 3DS… It just takes time… but right now it seems as if Japan still doesn’t have something really finished ^^’ stress stress stress stress stress

 Gamer Splash:

Oh wow, that sucks. Why do you think it’s taking so long?

Maybe because of the last minute spec changes? Or because there is so much to translate?


No there aren’t spec changes, haha… that’s just a rumor… especially because: A DEV KIT NEVER HAS THE CHIPS of a final system ^^

Not a single chip in the Wii U dev kit is the same as in Wii U … It’s the same with 3DS ^^

A dev kit also never has the same ‘console’ or ‘handheld’ hardware as retail… for example the dev GamePad and dev 3DS systems are a blank shape inside… It is just so you have the buttons and screens… but no chips inside 😉
That’s one reason why Emily (Rogers)’ posts are so weird and unrealistic for any developer. She has just NO IDEA how development works.Dev hardware always has an ‘unlimited’ amount of power and memory. So it can take any final specs 😉 Also for development it is easier… so you can create a game with more power and much more memory… and in the end you can throw out unused objects, textures and so on ^^ I hope you understand that ^^

So NO MATTER what specs any devkit may have (and they never have the same company made chips or anything) it has NOTHING to do with the final version of the system.
Especially 3DS and Wii U … there are more dev kits from DIFFERENT companies including different chips 😉 Also, the systems themselves can adjust their power in a massive way… that is why some very first consoles need an update disc first… this one gives the final OS and this configures the final hardware to what it should be 😉

So that rumor is squashed.

About the documentation and the inevitable announcement:

Nintendo Guidelines are BOOKS… many BOOKS… for every single thing (topic) it is a book. And their programs… have huge documentation as well… and this all has to be translated in a way that developers can understand… Japanese programmers think totally differently… It is so much fun… all the bad-english-written function names and so on, haha.

And then they deliver a new version every week (especially in this state) and all of it has to be re-translated again =O

As a developer, you can decide to use the old program with issues but in English… or wait a month until the newer version has been completely translated…

Or they wait for 2 or 3 new versions and THEN translate it ^^

It is a massive system behind… with all of the dev things and documentation… players never see that. But [some] players also think that a game can be made in 2 weeks by one person… and never would understand that hundreds of people work for several years on a Smash Bros. or Zelda ^^

So in short, it appears that because Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe have to translate all of the documents for developers to English and other languages, they are stressed out. And apparently the Japanese docs aren’t even done yet.

With this information, it makes sense that they are stressed out. With the NX reveal likely coming soon, Nintendo is under pressure to deliver for developers. Not only for independent developers such as our source, but for major third party developers and publishers, as well.

By no means does this mean that games are not being developed yet. They are well into development. But it does mean that Nintendo has a lot on its plate right now, in that it has to deliver this documentation to developers, and it would be good to do so before its reveal.

This documentation issue could also take away some attention and resources from the planning of the system’s reveal, so this is why we anticipate a delay until October for the system to finally be revealed.

Could it still be sooner? We hope so. But with this new information, the odds are a bit more stacked here.

Regardless, we do believe that Nintendo cannot wait to announce it any later than early next month.


Because unlike launching a free mobile app based on a popular franchise like Pokemon GO or Super Mario Run, game consoles are different.

First, console manufacturers must promote their console well ahead of its release to have a good amount of time to promote it and line up partnerships so it has successful launch.

Maybe the partnerships they’re already doing. But it needs to be marketed to the mass consumers well before hand, in order for it to gain traction with consumers.

Second, consoles are expensive. Again, this is not a free to start app. It’s an (at least $250-350) gaming console(s).

A next generation console release requires giving people time to plan and get interested in the product, giving them time to plan and make the investment in the system.

In order to do this, the company must show off the hardware in advance, its features, it games, and its price, in order to gain traction and influence purchases from consumers.

For it to have a successful launch, it must have a slow but steady new stream of news leading up to the release of the product.

Some may argue that the Playstation 4 Pro or Xbox One S were planned for release just a couple months after their reveal.

However, these consoles are incremental upgrades to already existing platforms and systems.

If a company is launching a brand new platform and system, as Nintendo is with the NX, they need much more time to build awareness, hype, and purchase intent from consumers. This requires revealing much earlier than the release.

And finally, Nintendo has no other major news to share at this point.

Nintendo has already announced its future plans for 3DS and mobile with the recent 3DS Direct, as well as Nintendo’s only mobile game slated for release this year, Super Mario Run.

Unless there’s a surprise Wii U Direct coming soon (highly doubtful), there’s nothing left for the company to show this year.

So what does Nintendo’s next major news have to be?

The Nintendo NX reveal, of course!

And it has to be soon.

Looking at the past, while the gaps between major console reveals and releases have been getting smaller, they’ve never gone under six months.

Gaps Between Reveal and Release – Major Gaming Consoles (2011-2013)

Nintendo 3DS – Announced in June 2010,  released February 2011 – 8 months

Wii U – Announced June 2011 –  Released November 2012 – 17 months

Xbox One – Announced May 2013 – Released November 2013 – 6 months

PS4 – Announced February 2013 – Released November 2013 – 9 months

We’re now at 6 months away from the launch of the NX, without a reveal.

If Nintendo wants the console to be successful upon launch, it has to reveal it soon.

And by our estimations, it will.

What do you think of this news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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-Noah Sanchez, Gamer Splash


6 thoughts on “Nintendo “Stressed Out” – NX Reveal Imminent – Developer Interview Part 2

  1. How long exactly has nx been in development? It sounds like they only started. I mean, I’ve been working as a localizer of computer electronics products for years, so I have a glimpse on how nasty the mess could be behind all those promises and confidence in the press con room. But, man… this is another level.


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