Opinion: Late November Is The Next Best Time to Reveal The NX

Hey all!

While I at Gamer Splash still stand by my claims on the previous article stating that the Nintendo NX would be revealed this month, I have reason to believe that the reveal of the console could be in the second half of November, as well.

If not October, November seems very plausible. The PS4 Pro, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, as well as the NES Mini will already be out by then, and there aren’t any other releases at that point for Nintendo to talk about until Super Mario Maker 3DS (December 2).

The only point of contention for this would be how close it is to release of the system, but as you can see, we’ve already crossed that point, and Nintendo will reveal it when it wants.

If it’s not October, late November would be the next best time.

I still stand by my claims of October being the best time after the Wii U’s last official game is out, however, the Wii U still has two more high profile releases after that:

Skylanders Imaginators (October 16), and Just Dance 2017 (October 31).

If Nintendo truly wants to wait until the Wii U is dead to talk about the NX, then November will be the best time.

However, if Nintendo wants to have the slightest bit of a transition from the old platform to the new one, then it would still be best to announce this month.

If Color Splash comes out and they don’t announce the NX within the next two weeks, then I will begin putting my bets on the second half of November.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

-Noah Sanchez, Gamer Splash


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